By Michelle Ferrara

Now that we are in October, it is important to plan ahead for the cold and snowy months when Senior’s are vulnerable to falls outside the home and accidents from falling increase inside the home. Simple in-home exercises to increase balance, strength, flexibility and confidence  will help.

Assessments  including the outside  home environment( broken steps, no railings) as well as within the home itself(scatter rugs, trip hazards, items on shelving too high, dim lighting) are important to ensuring falls don’t happen.  Supportive coaching helps to prevent accidents-and also, empowers Senior’s to feel they do have control of their environment and risk factors and body and can help themselves to be safe. The (free) Falls Prevention Clinic at St. Peter’s Hospital has marvelous assessment tools including gait analysis, and  ability to assess medical issues that may be affecting balance and potential falling.

Senior’s exercise programs in Hamilton and area for prevention of falls are available and build strength and coping skills. Falls are the #1 accident to Senior’s and often lead to a downward spiral both in outlook and health-so the time invested in preventing accidents and increasing confidence is well worth it to the peace of mind for a Senior and their family.