By Michelle Ferara

Falls are the #1 cause of injury to older people and can lead to a downward spiral in both health and independence…every 30 minutes in Ontario, a senior is admitted to hospital due to a Fall.

In Preventing Falls we address:  physical activity and ABILITY, eyesight, feet, hearing, home safety, safely taking medications, nutrition, aging in place and simple methods to increase strength and balance.

Ageism aside-there are many things you can do to prevent falls and increase confidence!

Areas to consider include the following:

>Environment-help to understand your space:

Are there stairs leading into your home?  What about throw rugs/scatter rugs in home? Do you have stairs inside the home to second floor or basement? What type of flooring do you have in your home-and what type of lighting? Can you easily get in and out of tub/shower?

>A bit about you-help to understand you:

Have you experienced a fall-or-are you worried about falling? What exercise do you do now? How is your general health? And what medications do you take-are they pre-dispensed in a blister pack? How is your vision/hearing/balance? Do you use aids to walk?

These are just some of the areas covered when assessment for Falls Prevention is done.  There are a number of excellent Falls Prevention/assessment/assistance for Seniors in our area, including:

  • St. Peter’s Hospital-Seniors Clinic
  • McMaster-Senior’s exercise program
  • Shalom Senior’s program

If you are concerned about your loved one falling or interested in a Falls Prevention or assessment program, check out these terrific programs.