Politics is in the air continuously it seems, but there is a significant election coming up this October.  The federal election may seem to be the least important to our daily lives but in fact – the acts of the federal government have a significant impact on our daily lives. Areas of federal responsibility include –

  • national defence
  • foreign affairs
  • employment insurance
  • banking, money and bankruptcy
  • federal taxes
  • the post office
  • fisheries
  • shipping, railways, aviation, pipelines
  • telephones, telecommunications, radio and television broadcastin
  • Indigenous lands and rights
  • criminal law, penitentiaries
  • citizenship and immigration
  • Interprovincial and international trade

The federal government is also responsible for equalization payments to the provinces, trying to ensure that there is more balance between “have” and “have not” provinces.

Given the above range of responsibilities, the party in power has a significant impact on the big issues of our day, things that impact on all of us, our families and generations to come. The environment and climate change; the health of our economy and jobs, the ability to help navigate our country through a morass of trade wars, tariffs and the threat of more war; the protection of our pensions; pharmacare; and on and on. It is important to understand how each of the party platforms will impact on those issues that are most important to each of us.

Many of us a disillusioned with politicians and political parties. Fair enough. But if your decision is NOT to vote then consider this. Not voting might just ensure that the party that is elected will be the party that most threatens the issues and services that matter most to you. So, read up on the issues. As the partied release their election platforms, consider which most closely fits with your priorities.

Here a few resources for more information:

Maclean’s magazine is tracking party platforms as they are released on a range of issues – www.macleans.ca/politics/2019-federal-election-platform-guide-where-the-parties-stand-on-everything/

Political party websites:

Conservative Party:- www.conservative.ca

Green Party:- www.greenparty.ca

Liberal Party:- www.liberal.ca

New Democratic Party:- www.ndp.ca

Your Riding: Hamilton Centre

Local candidates (Note: not all local riding associations have finished their candidate nomination process. We’ll fill in the blanks in October.)

Conservative Party – Monica Ciriello

Green Party – TBA

Liberal Party – TBA

New Democratic Party – Matthew Green