Where did October and November go?  The Mum Show at Gage Park, always an treat, was enjoyed by a group of seniors at Welcome Inn where they visited  Mardi Gras Festival at Gage Park . Roses still blooming in the Rose Garden when Megs and I strolled through the park enjoying the colors before entering its greenhouses.

Greenhouses bring back memories of when I attended an Agricultural College on the Isle of Wight in England. Quite the experience in not only flowers, but livestock as well.  I could tell you stories!

We had to get up before dawn to spray the huge Dahlias with water to take the frost off the flowers before the sun rose and would burn the blooms. Another nocturnal task was to feed the baby lambs. They were always hungry and would bunt the baby bottles that we fed them. We loved that task.

It wasn’t all work and fellow students would play tricks! One of their favourites was to fill our Wellington boots with icy cold water. Not nice!

When I graduated to a Nursery the owners left goats. Have you ever tried milking a goat?  They can be  very ornery! Scrubbing  large clay flower pots in cold water was not much fun either. One time I carried a large Mimosa plant to another area of the greenhouses only to slice the plant off halfway down on a vine. Can’t stick that back on! We had a large toad that lived in the greenhouses, you never knew when he was going to show his beady eyes and you never knew when he was close.

On Saturday my job was to cut flowers for various churches and decorate them for Sunday services, the flowers were boxed and attached to my bike that I rode to and from work.

I was young and thought there’s got to be something better than this…. My friend Bubbles said, “Let’s join the Air Force.”  Good idea said I, but fate certainly waves a fickle finger. She was posted to Singapore, and I went to an Air Traffic posting in Lincolnsire and Manchester Finningley. Those were the days.

Ah. Memories! And they all come back during a walk through Gage Park. We are fortunate to have experienced a full life and maintain the friendship of stalwart friends in England who keep in touch and share laughs.

May you, my Elderberry Friends enjoy your families and the joys of the season as Christmas draws near.  Be kind to each other, and others in need. Be loving and lend your hearts and hands to help others.

Megs and I treasure the thought of all our special readers who had a smile or two as you enjoyed our story. Your cockeyed optimists, Pam & Megs. Cheers!