A Salute to Mothers

By Pam Winter

What do we all have in common? We have all had a Mother in our lives. Someone who has cheered us up when we are down and encouraged us to try harder and to be better. Listened to our unhappy stories, helped us suffer teenage problems, everything from acne to falling in and out of love. The wisdom of changing jobs, getting married (incidentally no one was ever good enough for their sons/daughters). Cried at our weddings, celebrated the holidays with us and delighted in grandchildren who got away with more than we were allowed to.

Mothers, at times we couldn’t do without them and sometimes they frustrated us no end offering advice or criticism usually justified.

Mothers were our best friends, always with time to listen while doing dishes or baking cookies. Mothers budgeted well, were always there to bail us out when we were short a few dollars (don’t tell your Father!) Mothers waited for us to get home from a dance or a late night because they cared what happened to us, and couldn’t sleep ‘til we got home.

Mothers sat on the bench at hockey practice, usually at an ungodly hour in the morning and froze. Mothers always had enough extra food so a pal could stay to supper and occasionally were allowed to sleep over.

Mothers knitted, crocheted, watched soap opera, darned socks, polished shoes, made sure we looked good for school or church. Supported us when we performed in school plays and thought we were the best angel in the play.

Years passed – we took Mother to Doctors appointments, Dentists appointments and sometimes got annoyed that Mother couldn’t remember people, places, dates and for some of us the day came when our Mother left us, and we were alone and it hurt, and this time there was no one there to ease the pain and make it better.

We are left the with memories of the happy times and how fortunate we were to be loved and cared for by someone so special, who thought that we were the special one in their lives.

To Mothers everywhere – enjoy your special day. Children everywhere, give Mum a big hug and tell her you love her.

In the family tree – Dad is the trunk, strong and steady and Mother is the shade from the leaves, the nests for the birds, the gentle breeze among the branches.

From this Mother to Mothers everywhere we are truly blessed. Cheers! Pam & Megs