It’s sad to say goodbye upon the loss of our friend. Megs and I first met Annie many moons ago. She had just returned from Bradenran Beach in Florida. Annie loved the beach life and she made many friends. Her daughter, Sandra, was a nurse who was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer.

We met Annie at The Welcome Inn. It was winter but there was always a glowing welcome to friends and neighbours. Annie fit us like a glove and so we became the “Terrible Trio” and enjoyed our various activities.

Annie loved to bake, had wonderous stories and accolades that added to her charms. Buka work, wall hangings, soon hung on Annies walls of her new home. Even crochet work – how talented. We grew into a family and remained that way.

We decided “The Terrible Trio” should take a trip to Nashville. My oh my, what a task! Our mood was magical and we enjoyed every minute. We had front row tickets to Loretta Lynn, we rode the rapids. It was a second stab at our childhood. We sang, danced, made new friends and life was good.

Annie relocated once again to a dear little cottage with a garden on McNab Street. She enjoyed breakfast at Our Corner restaurant and spent time catching up with numerous friends.

The day Annie moved, there was a dandy of a snow storm. Three of us by-passed the main route and loaded our wares into green garbage bags, No hydro and it was cold-cold-cold! But, we laughed and loved every minute of it. Our home from there was yes, The Welcome Inn. It will never be the same! Over the years, we will miss others and but, when we look at the velvet night sky, we remember and appreciate what a true blessing of boundless love and caring we were blessed with. We treasure our large family of friends and cherish how special it is to be loved by them. God speed to a special lady and a special friend. . So many sad years when we have so many goodbyes.