by Wendy Collins

Our senior’s columnist, Pamela Townsley-Winter, passed away Feb. 1, 2018.

If we are lucky, our own life’s journey includes someone like Pam. She was a congenial soul with a zest for life.  She was passionate about friendship, gregarious, warm and generous. And she will be missed dearly.

Pam’s first Breezes Elderberries Column was published in November 2003. Her spirit shines through in her own words:

“Proudly Introducing the SENIORS Column for the North End Breezes. ELDERBERRIES

The column where we want to hear all about you, your achievements, goals, bouquets and Brick-bats concerning life in the North End.”

A few of my favourite things this season; The Nero Christmas Dinner- successful due to the endless, devoted workers. The Music Man – Theatre Aquarius Christmas Production. The beauty of Mr. Cardinal – whose gorgeous colour turns the grayest day into a smile. The smiles on people’s faces as the season approaches – lets smile more often.”

“Our Big Bouquet of Berries to our local heroes, that rescued one of our own in trouble on the ice on the Bay. Mr. Michael Tremblay was rescued by Mr. Mike McCurlie, Mr. Sandy MacDonald and Mr. John Boasman –Great job gentlemen and our sincere thanks! Don’t forget Valentine’s Day, February 14; tell someone you LOVE them.”

“I sincerely believe that volunteers are angels in everyday clothing. I do hope there are angels in training waiting in the ‘wings’. At Christmas my cards have a note in each: ‘Without you in my life I wouldn’t have become the person I am today.’ You kept me grounded when off on my highflying ideas, you gave me laughter, you gave me love and steered me on the right path – how blessed I am to have you friend/family.”

Recently on a particularly cold dismal day I found a Tropical Paradise right here in the North End (Bennetto pool). First impression WOW! A Lovely large clean pool, the hint of chlorine, and the bright butterfly colors of swimsuits, got to get moving music and the sound of people having FUN. So I boogied on to the deck in time to Mustang Sally‘ – ride Sally ride – and in front of me there were 15 water babies (14 Ladies and 1 Gentleman) having a great gliding from one exercise to the next and don’t lose a smile.”

“Remember the troops who are not at home, but their hearts are. Remember friends who are sick and think how lucky we are to live in Canada. God bless each and every one and a special welcome to new Canadians”

“Enjoy the local venues, new plays, the high school productions. The memories will last a lifetime. To all of you, dear friends, enjoy your getaways, you have worked hard and now it’s play time. Travel light, drive safely, and come back renewed. Your dreamer of dreams, and the Muse! Pam”

“Isn’t the North End growing? New stores and eateries. It’s like Hamil­ton’s been given a pacemaker and her heart will start beat­ing again. On a blah day stop and think how fortunate we are.”

“I miss the spring flowers. I’m burning the midnight oil so pleasant dreams and now each day will get a little bit better and we can shed our winter clothing–lovely. Megs & I hope to go to Mackinac Island for the Lilac Festival in June–I love lilacs and being driven around by horse and cart–sheer bliss.”

I love Hamilton and it offers so much, often for so little even walking around the various neighbourhoods. Pack a lunch, take the sunscreen, a good book and bottled water and spend a lovely day at the bay. Watch the joy of children splashing around the splash pad, see the geese and their babies, and look at budding trees, as a whole new life cycle begins. Walk, smile and say hello to neighbours or fishermen, look at the yachts and power boats, doze off under a shady tree–there, isn’t that better than staying indoors? Above all, enjoy give thanks for all that we have and each other.”

Farewell Pam, here’s to a life well-lived.

Fondly, Wendy Collins