By: Pam Winter

“Memories of the way we were”

This is a true vacation story and may bring a few smiles. My mother had a friend in Hamilton who had moved and missed her, so I decided I would drive her to the east Coast. Friends of ours, Robert and his wife Chif, had retired to Sandy Cove and lived in a delightful school house. The home was filled with Robert Bateman artwork and the gardens and scenery was spectacular. “My little orangeade” as my car was known, stood us in good stead as it was a fair drive from Hamilton.

I only had one wish and that was to go whale watching for a day. Easily arranged and I met up with my captain after donning a “sou wester” and rubber boots. No, it wasn’t the Queen Mary but our little skiff was fine so with a “ho, ho, ho”, we set out. Our captain checked everything out and we started to chug, a chug slowly into the harbor as I sat on an old bench ready to get going. My captain wore a white “Tilly” hat with brim and threw a wooden stave with metal pieces to attract ships. My captain was a marine biologist so I considered myself part of the crew. I got quite a surprise when I heard  SPLASH and “MAN OVERBOARD!” and noticed with surprise a floating white “Tilly” hat. Well, he climbed back onto the boat, a bit of a wet Captain Ahab I must say.

Well, the boat lurched on and soon we were in the ocean enjoying the tide. The scenery from the shore got smaller and smaller and the ocean got rougher and it started to get windy. There wasn’t much to see on the horizon except a Coast Guard Rescue Vehicle.

We decided to call it a day and the captain presented me with a white whale pin that I have to this day. We reached the captains little cottage and feasted on bowls of stew while he re-geared. We had a good laugh, shook hands and took photos. What a memorable day!

I arrived home in my warm cozy “orangeade with the view over the brow and beeping the horn to announce – We’re home! Our friends toasted us with glasses of sherry and welcomed us home.

I late saw whales galore in the St Lawrence, Beluga and Caymans. What a wonderful area and I had always dreamed of “Tadousaac” and the scenery of the fjords. Memories of friends, the Marie Celeste and the lovely hotel – God bless the memories!

Until we meet again – Cheers! Pam and Megs