I’ll be your Sweetheart

If you’ll be mine

All my life I’ll be your Valentine

Bluebells I’ll gather, take them and be true

When I’m a man, my plan will be to marry you!

That is a little English sonnet we sang in my school days. Bluebells. When I was a young girl in England the custom was that whoever you spoke to first thing on the 14th was your Valentine for the coming year. Another thing we girls did was mail valentine’s to unsuspecting males, usually older college boys. Even though we disguised our handwriting I’m sure they guessed they were from the “Brat Pack”.

Valentines come in all shapes and sizes. They can be cards or those beautiful boxes of chocolates we see on display in the stores.

February is a happy month! The weather sneaks in an odd balmy day to tease us that Spring is on the way. The evenings get lighter and we dream of all the events and gatherings that start happening.

My resolution is to do a kindness each day. Just one thing that makes someone smile. My friends are my Valentines, each very special in their own way. Smiles from the heart and Happy Valentines Day to each of you! Till next time ~ Pam & Megs.

Editor’s note: Our archives are full of the stories and memories Pam has contributed over the years. This one is from our February 2015 archives and still tells us what is in her heart. Please join us in wishing Pam a speedy recovery.