By Pam Winter

As I look from my window, how quickly the season has changed, even getting our first note of winter. The memories of the month that Christmas is close to hand and the knowledge that season’s change as do our lives.

One day when I was a young girl my grandfather reminded me of years passed. We were, or rather I should say I came from a family of Publicans on the Isle of Wight. One of our gifts was to greet neighbours and friends and exchange small gifts and enjoy the season and years passing. Our staff dressed up in fancy dress. Grandfather was a wonderful musician especially on the piano – neighbours sang and one of the treats was “mystery potatoes” baked in the ovens – full of comforting food and enjoyed warm and stuffed with cheese – great for a cold winters day. There were bunches of mistletoe to call for the stealing of kisses. There were precisely set in a family lounge and games played. I was a spoiled child of a midsize rocking horse and six children could sit on the rocker. It was fun!

My mother was a great one for decorations, her favourite being witches balls all decorated with small gifts bitter like the food something to remember. We had a large place and some of the clientele would lift me onto the counter to sing and act like Shirley Temple – ringlets of curls and downright precious. We hosted a Football, or Soccer Team “Sandown” and had an excellent turn out. One day my grandfather had gone to the mainland to go to the Racetrack; a noble sport.  My grandmother had gone to visit my aunt while grandfather was away (the mice decides to play). Well, the ladies had a couple of sherries, sherry wine that is. They took my aunt’s bike and rode it back to the pub just in time before grandfather returned. Fun and games, and happy memories.

I had a Pony stable behind our Pub named (Polly) “The Prince of Wales was the pubs name,  long gone now a days.

Another story was a large fish pond in our garden and the story has it I was dressed for Church and decided I would swim with the fish (gold one’s). I was a sorry looking site on that particular day, guess I looked more like a mermaid, straggly hair and all.

Yes the stories of Pamela have regaled quite a few. Enjoy your family stories and the one’s you love. Trott to the hill…..

Wishing all of our friends and neighbors happy joyful memories. We all have them and should share them. Pam & Megs