By Pam Winter

It’s been quite the summer despite some of the weather. As most readers know, I have been on the side lines and it’s great to be feeling like myself and being able to appreciate my good friends.

My two grandchildren joined us in a family get together this summer. We had a glorious day at Barangas on The Beach with great food and perfect company.

Baltimore seems so far away so it was nice to get together and share their travel adventures. They visited Bahamas and shared their stories. I may not have been there but I could dream of the silken sands and beautiful scenery. I could feel like I too had breakfast with “Bob the Puffer Fish” and see the pigs fly when a meal called them to their sandy table. It’s lovely that even though my granddaughters are growing up so fast, we still have so much to talk about and share.

I have been well cared for at Dundurn Place and good food, good company and caring people have helped me along. I haven’t been idle this summer. Good friends came and gave me a delightful trip to the Secret Garden at Whitehern and I enjoyed homemade cookies and lemonade. I even met up with five different friends and got my toes tapping to some lively jazz. Funny how the simple things can put a smile on one’s face.

I am thankful to Megs Smith and Ken Hirter for keeping the flag flying and passing along my stories so I can stay connected to all my friends in the North End. I miss dear Annie Barker and other friends who have joined company in their heavenly friendships. These are people dear to me that I will never forget.

So as Monty Python would say “Onward and slightly sideways”. Let’s share summer stories and all the good feelings and keep the good times coming.

Be kind to our web footed friends for a duck may be somebody’s mother. And on that silly note, life is what we make it so be kind to each other and cheers! Pam & The Elderberries Crew