By Jason Farr

Hello, Breezes readers!  Thank you again for the opportunity to share some ward 2 news in this edition of the Maggie nominated North End paper.

We continue to be incredibly busy in our ward 2 office.  Even during the holiday break, there was no shortage emails and calls related to everything from pot-holes to parking, from planning to public works.  We did enjoy the events in and around downtown too.

One special night that happens annually was the night we lit our Tree of Hope in the Gore.  I decided the best way to get around to that and five other festive events that included a Living Rock open house and a carriage ride on a Victorian Night through International Village was to ride a bike.  To be more specific, a Sobi.  I tweeted the adventures @jasonfarrhamont and called it my 5 Sobi Stops at Christmas.

The 5th and final event was in the Hall St St. Lawrence.  Crammed in once again for the annual Turkey Roll (and ham and gift certificate).  Great to see what looked like easily three hundred North Enders.  Many lucky winners of a bird, ham of gf and some multiple winners (how do I get those seats?)

I know there are thousands more thinking, talking and engaging a great deal lately on your St. Lawrence lately.  It represents many things to your historic neighbourhood.  And what it all adds up to are two things.  That history and how that history must continue to be made in and around this important and iconic place of so much more than worship.

I stand with the many who will be making these and other points throughout the coming months and continue to enjoy the stories being told about St. Lawrence.  Turkey Rolls included.

Until next time, Breezes readers.  Or, even before next time.  Remember, you can get in touch with us anytime. for contact details or call 905 546 2711.

Councillor Jay