Welcome to May Breeze’s readers! A time to salute Mother’s, celebrate a long weekend and we can’t forget May the Fourth Be With You. May is also the month when we all start spending more time outdoors and that is especially true for folks in the North End who have a dog that needs to run.

With that in mind, you may recall that in February’s edition of The Breeze’s I asked North End residents to engage on where you would most like to see a new dog run, to replace the area that we lost with the introduction of the new multi-modal path along Strachan Street. I am happy to report that well over 200 residents took part in that engagement and helped steer our decision on where best to put the new temporary leash free running area, that North End dog lovers may want to fence it off as a permanent dog park one day. We could go that route to if all goes well!

As an update, following the engagement process, we had overwhelming support to set up the new temporary leash free running area in Jackie Washington Rotary Park. So on April 13th, I brought forward my motion and City Council approved it, so now the work can begin to set it up for our beloved four legged friends.

You will soon see signs posted in the area and then we will begin a monitoring process. Through that process we hope to gather the information needed to be able to work on the next steps to make that a permanent leash free running area in the North End. However, that won’t be the only new, safe spot nearby to give your dog the exercise they require to stay healthy.

We are well into the full rehabilitation and revitalization of Central Park which should be ready for the summer months with two new dog park enclosures. One enclosure will be for large breeds with a second for smaller dogs to run and play safely.

The most important part of all of this work may not be the outcome, as much as it was the engagement with the residents of the North End. It is vital in our neighbourhoods and communities that everyone get engaged and help steer the decisions that most impact them and their every day lives. I am always so impressed with the passion and involvement of all of our North End neighbours who take the time to continue to improve this close knit community in our great City!

One final note this month, congratulations to The Breeze’s on their upcoming 50th anniversary. To all of the volunteers of the past and the one’s who presently keep this important communication tool operating, thank you so much. It is a remarkable accomplishment and one that all North End residents can be proud of. Until next time, Breezes Readers!

Councillor Jay

Ward 2 Office: 905-546-2711

Email: Jason.farr@hamilton.ca