Hello, Breezes Readers.  It is great to be back as your representative at City Council.  We had some very engaging conversations during the campaign and your input was timely as we really begin to ramp up our work together for the four year term ahead.

Along with the prevailing door to door themes discussed like the importance of focusing on the Bennetto Recreation expansion and Eastwood Park and Arena redevelopment, many North Enders confirmed that the time has come to invest in fixing our residential roads.  In this Breezes issue, we confirm near future works and ask you to make your suggestions on streets we should seriously consider.

The 2019 Ferguson Ave reconstruction is official.  This is not simply pavement milling and resurfacing (aka Shave and Pave).  The project is coordinated with watermain replacement and sewer upgrades.

In coordination with the road reconstruction, we will be replacing all water services to the property line and either lining or replacing all sewer laterals to the property line.  For those of you on Ferguson (or future North End streets to be reconstructed), this is a great opportunity for you to update your water service and/or sewer laterals into your homes.

Our Design staff at the city will give plenty of notice “pre-construction” with mail outs to residents 4 to 6 weeks in advance of project commencement, and our Construction staff hand deliver notices to residents approximately 48 hours prior to project commencement.  Notices will be mailed according to these schedules once construction start dates are established.

Strachan, you are next with 2020 the goal and during that same reconstruction season, we may have room for another residential stretch or two.

With that, Breezes readers, you know by now we always welcome your engagement.  I have a few good ideas of residential streets in dire need of face-lift and shared those with you at the doors, but you have good ideas too.  Please share by contacting my office at

Until next time Breezes Readers ~Jay