By Jason Farr, Councilor Ward 2

Hello, Breezes Readers!  Time for some more North End updates and this issue we will do so with our 2020 vision.


The mixed income community momentum continues to grow on the Jamesville City Housing HAMILTON site. We have recently reengaged with residents with updates from our City Housing CEO and staff, proponents of the exciting project and Planners.

I am hopeful that in the coming months we will see the demolition take place in order to make room for a community built for all.

West Harbour

Over the winter we have been very busy with our master plan down by your bay.  Budgets for much of west harbour plans have been finessed and approved by Council.  You will soon see even greater activity on Piers 8, 7, 6 and 5 as much of the infrastructure plans are complete and the surface is readied for build.  The public promenade along piers 5, 6 and 7 is sure to be another North End jewel.

The public art process conducted by the Waterfront Trust (Project Manager on the promenade) has concluded and the winner revealed. Soon, the foot of James will be home to some beautiful art untitled, All Our Relations which features five 40’ tall works made of steel and glass and focuses on our indigenous roots. Thanks to our artists and the volunteer selection committee.  To learn more visit

Looking forward to sharing more throughout 2020. Here in your Breezes and around our beautiful North End.

Until next time, Breezes Readers, please remember I am always a phone call or email away.

Councilor Farr