Hello Community Members!

A number of blind and partially sighted community members are in need of local assistance.

To support this, your local CNIB is recruiting volunteers for our Vision Mate program.  Vision Mate volunteers work with clients that are blind or partially sighted for one-on-one assistance in the community.  Volunteers help clients with activities such as reading, organizing, walking and shopping; outings such as going to the movies, events and even simple things like coffee & conversation.

Volunteer hours are flexible, but a commitment of 4 hours a month is expected.  Vision Mate volunteers make a tremendous difference in the lives of individuals who are blind or partially sighted.  Volunteers help bring these often isolated individuals, out of their homes and into the community.

Please share this message with your members, and if any of your members are interested in becoming a volunteer, they can contact David Wallis, Program Lead, Peer & Home-based Support at 888-275-5332 ext. 5304 or david.wallis@cnib.ca

Thank you!