As we approach Christmas, a joyous time of year, may we pause for a moment to remember those who are alone.  Many Seniors in Retirement and Long term Care homes do not have family, and are not remembered at Christmas time.

A beautiful light exists to shine on this problem, with the work of Jill Harrington, founder of the charity, ‘Children of Christmas Past’.  Since 1999 Jill and a bevy of donors and volunteers have provided a Christmas gift to those Seniors in need, which is delivered on Christmas morning. From Niagara to Orangeville,  homes with Seniors who are alone,  ask the Senior what they would like for Christmas-typically gifts requested are very basic items-and the specifics are placed on a gift tag and hung on a tree for a donor to choose, provide gift, and return with tag.

The gifts are wrapped, tagged, delivered by volunteers to grateful elderly people.  Seniors’ need to know they are not forgotten, they are respected and cared for by the community.  To connect to this marvelous organization and participate please email: