by Michelle Ferrara

Holiday time is upon us and it brings to mind about walking a mile in the shoes of elderly people  which: Christmas  is often difficult and lonely for Senior’s.

Many  are alone, with health/mobility issues, have no family-or none living close by.  Folks tell me their adult children don’t get that Mom or Dad just isn’t up to big dinners, shopping, cleaning, cooking, decorating…if we feel stressed, imagine how a person in their 80’s or 90’s feels! Many older people struggle at holiday time because a spouse  has passed away-Christmas is not so joyful if you are missing a loved one. The oldsters I talk to  tell me they don’t care about money or presents…all they want for Christmas is: YOU!  A visit, a chat, a happy phone call…is all it would take for most to feel cared for and remembered.

With just a little effort we can bring some joy and peace this Christmas, just by including them- send a card, make a call, have a visit.  Send artwork the grandkids made or pictures of the kids and their activities.  A wonderful idea is to make a memory book with a picture of each family member, and a written note by them for the older person- they could look at it over and over, enjoying it anew each time!

During the  holiday season provide just a little connection to any older person-reminding them  people care, they are valuable,  they are worth spending time with. Blessings to all!

Writers Spotlight 

Michelle Ferrara is a ‘sandwich generation’ Baby Boomer, juggling an elder parent with Alzheimer’s, a retired hubby, a daughter and a 9.5 year old granddaughter, as well as Wee Westie Jimmy. With a long health and sales career behind her, Michelle is the former owner of Driving Miss Daisy, Hamilton. She is the founder of Elder Advocacy Hamilton-a blog and info site on Facebook for older and special needs folks. Michelle is a long-time Hamilton resident and is currently a Member of the Catholic Family Services Board of Directors. She will be a regular contributor to our neighbourhood paper.