Monica Ciriello is the Conservative Party Candidate in the 2019 federal election working to bring change to Hamilton Centre. After completing her graduate studies in politics and public policy, Monica went to law school where she developed a passion and commitment for public service. In 2013, Monica moved to Hamilton where she began working at City Hall. Monica is married and lives in Hamilton with her husband Greg.

Monica currently manages the daily operation of legal and court services. She ensures trust and confidence in the judicial system by providing a timely access to justice for all. She is a champion for small businesses and knows the importance of small businesses as part of a strong and vibrant community. Through this experience, as well as representing a several municipalities across Ontario, Monica understands the issues facing Ontario communities and the challenges and opportunities facing families in Hamilton Centre.

Since being nominated, Monica has hit the ground running, knocking on doors and hearing about what is important to people in the community. On top of jobs, the economy and public safety Monica is hearing that life is becoming increasingly unaffordable for families. Monica believes in Andrew Scheer, she gets things done and will be a strong voice in Ottawa. She is working hard to earn your vote in 2019 to ensure you are getting ahead not just getting by!


As Ward 3 City Councillor, Matthew Green worked hard to connect residents to their government so their voices were heard. Together with the people of Hamilton Centre, he fought for better social housing, stood up for civic rights and economic justice, and defended the environment, including:

  • Establishing Hamilton as the first city in Ontario to introduce an environmental Bill of Rights
  • Licensing and regulating predatory payday loan businesses and supporting Postal Banking options through Canada Post
  • Investing over a million dollars in Social Housing including seniors housing along with bold partnerships with the Hamilton Community Land Trust and Indwell.
  • Championing the campaign to Keep Transit Public
  • Creating a local Community Benefits Network to ensure our communities are getting shared value out of major infrastructure investments and urban development projects
  • Establishing January 29 as the Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia, in response to the 2017 attack on the Centre Culturel Islamique de Québec and 2016 attempted firebombing of Hamilton’s Ibrahim Jame mosque

As a father raising his family in Hamilton, Matthew understands we need to act now to protect the future of the community. He’s seen how Hamiltonians have been left behind as costs go up, but wages don’t – and governments keep giving breaks to the richest. And he knows the climate emergency is a threat to every community. He’s ready to follow in the footsteps of David Christopherson and head to Parliament to tackle climate change with a plan that creates 300,000 new green jobs for Canadians, hold tax-evading corporations accountable, and deliver services that families can rely on. Matthew is committed to ensuring the real working-class values of Hamilton continue to be represented in Ottawa and to fight for issues that are important to you such as universal pharmacare, affordable housing, and urgent action for the environment.


Jason Lopez was born and raised in a small home in Hamilton Centre, a son of immigrant parents from Colombia. Not owning a car for most of his life, Jason learned to rely on public transportation to get around this wonderful city. He studied at McMaster University, taking a broad range of courses and majoring in history.  In order to pay for school, Jason took up a part-time job in the stock room at East Hamilton Radio. There, he was known for his hard work and dedication to the family business, where he works to this day in a senior management position. As a manager, Jason has supported the adoption of green initiatives such as rooftop solar through the Ontario MicroFit program.  Becoming a father of two children motivated Jason to become more active and vocal as an opponent of climate change.  Jason wanted to put his years of experience in business to good use, so he decided to dedicate his time to the Green Party, running as a provincial candidate in the 2018 election. He has since then continued his commitment to the party’s growth by taking on the role of CEO for the Hamilton Centre federal electoral district association.

Now Jason takes on his greatest challenge yet: joining Elizabeth May as one of the 338 Green Party candidates for the 2019 federal election. Jason feels that this election will be critical to our future and that the time for Green voices in Parliament is now! Jason believes that his experience has prepared him for the challenges ahead and is honoured that the people of Hamilton Centre have put their faith in him, by choosing him in the city’s first-ever contested nomination.


Tony Lemma, 2019 Independent Federal Candidate for Hamilton Centre –

I am a resident. Hamilton Centre became home in 2006. I’m passionate about my City and deeply committed to adding value to my community. I’m a servant leader and believe a good leader should lead from among. I also believe a good vision or plan comes from the richness of broad input and participation from all, inclusive of expert advice. This kind of leadership doesn’t ‘dictate’ an outcome but promotes one that ‘articulates’ and implements agreed upon desired outcomes.

I am an independent candidate. Too often, I’ve heard residents tell me they feel our politicians care more about their Party affiliation than the job of real constituent representation. Have you ever felt like partisan politicians spend more time talking at you, than for you? I will have no Party Leader taking your voice by telling me what to say and no Party Whip taking priority over you by telling me how to vote.

I am seeking legislative electoral and democratic reforms. I’m passionate about the democratic process and about real representative democracy. That passion has led me to stand as a Candidate in the last Provincial and Municipal Election. I believe you should have control over our elected officials. You pay their salaries and you should be telling them what to do.

In this upcoming 2019 Federal Election, vote Tony Lemma!


Jasper is a former Parliamentary assistant who became a lawyer and practiced primarily immigration refugee law. He served two terms on the HECFI board of directors which managed Copps Coliseum, Hamilton Place and the Convention Centre. He was a Vice President of real estate developer Canderel-Stoneridge. He led an effort to build the Canadian Music Hall of Fame on Hamilton’s waterfront. He is a prosecutor at the Hamilton courthouse while also working as a development consultant with specific expertise in the sports, entertainment, hospitality and convention sectors. He is coordinating the private-sector group behind the plan for a renewed Entertainment Precinct in the heart of urban Hamilton, and is a member of Hamilton100, the new community-led bid for the 100th anniversary 2030 Commonwealth Games. A bilingual communicator, he is also a professional boxing judge, and most importantly, the proud father of 25 year old Alexander!

If Jasper becomes your next Member of Parliament for Hamilton Centre, he will fight for all the constituents of this urban riding, representing your needs on issues ranging from Employment Insurance and immigration to health and pharmacare, poverty reduction, affordable housing, the environment, seniors, transit and infrastructure, and worker’s pensions. He hopes to earn your support and go on to  represent the good people of Hamilton Centre in the House of Commons.