20161108_155645_resizedBy Sam Knight

This was a very sad book. It is a true story written by Gile Whittell and illustrated by Patrick Benson , its about three whales in 1988 that got trappd in the ice of Alaska. It made the news all over the world. This book is their story and how people came together to save them. The whales names were Siku (the biggest) Poutu (the middle one) and Kinnick (the baby). Even though people worked as fast as they could, Kinnick stopped coming up for air and was never seen again. Finally the last two were freed.

This book was one I read out loud to my Mom, it made me cry. It was good, but It was so sad that the baby didn’t make, and I wish there had been pictures in color. The ones in this book are all black and white.