By Tracee Lee-Holloway

Once upon a time is not what it used to be.

FRACTALIZE is a hypermedia fiction project. Narrative fractals are delivered to users in the form of gallery exhibits, performances, happenings, alternate reality experiences, web videos, photographs, music, text messages, sound art, 360º video, augmented reality, and social media posts.

The first installment in the FRACTALIZE series is an ongoing collaborative fractal/forensic media arts project I’ve Loved You From Afar which follows the story of Elizabeth and Richard.  Their affair is an exploration on themes of ecstasy of distance while touching on desire.

The exhibit and accompanying videos distill the essence of creative storytelling in what could either be a dream or time spent in virtual reality.

Technology is changing the ways stories have been traditionally told.  I’ve Loved You From Afar signals a shift from passive viewing to something more active.  You see through the POV of both characters, and the visceral angst translates into an immersive experience as the story unfolds.

This story helps us understand disconnect, desire, honesty and the ache of long distance romances.  Or does it?

It is a talk back through time.  Layered.  Unconventional.  One is left with unsettling emotions to a sense of awe as the journey wraps with the confession of one of the lovers.  Parts of the story are delivered in fractals with intentional gaps that the user fills in based on their own experiences, anxieties, and desires.  This could be the future of story telling.

I’ve loved You From Afar is a fractal reminiscence unlike none other of a romance across space and time.

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About the Artists:

Lesley Loksi Chan’s multidisciplinary works have been exhibited internationally and often explore the ambiguous ways in which the personal connects to wider cultural meanings through everyday objects and technologies.

Tony Vieira is a musician, composer, and media artist who creates immersive visual and sonic landscapes for mobile and locative media.  He has composed original music scores for television, film, and interactive media, and has created augmented reality, alternate reality, and virtual reality projects that have exhibited internationally

Arthur Yeung attempts to redefine the presentation of contemporary electronic music in the live environment.  He has performed internationally with his solo electronic music endeavours and collaborations as Falling Line, been an integral member to Toronto-based indie bands and co-founded the multi-disciplinary (i.e. visual media, movement, music) performance groups The Looking Sea Collective and Automates.

Whenever two people meet there are really six people present.
There is each man as he sees himself,
Each man as the other sees him-
And each man as he really is. ~William James 1842-1910

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