by Tracee Lee-Holloway

If you find yourself wandering into galleries or shops from time to time, admiring the art, have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch an artist paint a canvas live?

When was the last time you actually had the chance to talk with an artist?

Well, once a month, here in Hamilton there is Art Battle

An event held at The Spice Factory (and subsequent venues in other cities simultaneously across Canada) that hosts a live competition featuring local grassroots artists painting on their canvases while the audience watches and takes in the wonder.  There is music, food and the crowd moves around the spectacle that takes place centre stage.

The team of  Sanjay Patel, Trisha Lynn Smith and Kyle Tonkens are the faces behind this event.  I have met locals artists Gordon Samson Chance, Robyn Lightwalker.  Caillin Kowalczyk, Alberto Morales and Jane Dickson (just to name a few) there.

Art Battle is usually the third Thursday of the month.

7:30-11pm at the Spice Factory located at 121 Hughson Street North.

If you get the chance to attend, it is an experience like none other.

Don’t forget…
Barton Art Party which runs the first Friday 5-11pm of the month along Barton Street East between Victoria and East Avenue.
Why not join me by taking in some of sights and sounds of local culture.
Here are a few more spots in Hamilton to explore and lose yourself in  a bit of magic…


The Assembly
4 Cannon St. East Hamilton

B Contemporary
226 James St. N Hamilton

Flagship Gallery
237 James St. N Hamilton


The Spice Factory
121 Hughson St. Hamilton

The Casbah
306 King St. W Hamilton

Artword Artbar
15 Colbourne St. Hamilton

Rebel’s Rock Irish Pub
537 King St. E. Hamilton

Whenever two people meet there are really six people present.
There is each man as he sees himself,
Each man as the other sees him-
And each man as he really is. ~William James 1842-1910

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Tracee Lee-Holloway is an arts advocate and creative community builder here in Hamilton. A 2015 Hamilton’s Arts nominee for Arts innovations. A fervent supporter of the grassroots arts & music scene, her main agenda is helping and supporting others build momentum to get to the next level. When not sleeping she can be found every month documenting Artcrawl and every day on all the usual social media channels.