We recently celebrated two people who have played prominent roles in The Breezes. Margaret Smith, better known as Megs, and Sharon Clark who have both resigned from the board of directors.

Megs: a resident of the North End for over 30 years who has been involved in every initiative from organizing and running events to senior advocacy. Megs has been a familiar face in our community even after she moved away because of health and accessibility issues in her home. Her heart never left the North End. She’s still a part of the community and a face we look forward to seeing. I don’t expect any of that will change. We just won’t see her at the board table. I for one will miss her inspiring smile and I’ll be calling her just to hear that lovely accent. Thank you Megs for your inspiration and dedication to our community!

Sharon Clark: A reassuring voice with exceptional administrative skills and more ideas than we could keep up with! Sharon led us as Chair for several years and inspired us to go one step further. In her position with The Port Authority, Sharon’s role is Community Engagement. We have no doubt that she will continue to be a regular support for The Breezes just not from her seat at the board table. We look forward to a continued relationship and her support.