By Brenda Duke, on behalf of The North End Breezes

Every year hundreds of children sit down to write a letter to Santa. They start by saying “Dear Santa, I have been very good this year and I would like….”.

Imagine being Santa, all those kiddos to watch and a list so big to fill that he needs a magic Santa Sac to fit everything. He works those poor little Elves really hard to make all the toys and then, off he goes to deliver everything. The reindeer stay up all night too and fly around the world to make sure it gets done. Not to mention the challenges they face; bad weather, no chimneys to use, different time zones, cultures and all on a very tight schedule. They don’t even get to spend Christmas Eve with their own families!

After months of planning and working, Santa, the Elves and the reindeer get some milk and cookies, a few carrots and a bit of time off before they start again for next year.

To me, this sounds very much like our volunteers who work continuously to make sure you get your North End Breezes every month. Wouldn’t it be nice if they all got a little thank you note?

This year, we’re going to write Santa a note and tell him how much we appreciate everything he does to make sure we are happy. He’ll take all those notes, wave his magic over them and put them away in his heart to make it all worthwhile.

And, while we’re at it, we’ll do the same for everyone who is part of the Breezes team. The folders, the distribution people, the contributors and the advertisers and each and every one of our loyal readers.

Dear Everyone: Thank you for all that you do to bring happiness to our community. May you enjoy peace, happiness and joy and know that you have touched all of our hearts.