by Brian Roulston

Most of Canada’s population is of course located in the big cities and smaller towns, so naturally when summer comes we think about getting outdoors; whether that is camping,fishing or a cross country trip.

Here in Ontario we are blessed with more than half of Canada’s best farmland. A growing trend world-wide including this big land of ours is Agritourism and Farmstays.  Agritourism or agrotourism, as it is defined most broadly, involves any agriculturally based operation or activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch . Some seem to use these terms interchangeably. Basically, they are farms which mainly profits from crops or farm animals. Some open their farms to adults who just want to rest and maybe try their hand for a few hours, a day or a week at farming.

Some farms are geared towards children with safety in mind for fun and educational purposes. Some have corn mazes, pumpkin/hay rides and even have organized school trips. You could take the kids to places to pick your own strawberries, cherries, vegetables and even show them where eggs or milk come from. There are many places listed on the web to explore if you google “Agritourism, Canada”

A great source for “pick-your- owns” is the website You will have to look down the first page and find Canada then click on Ontario or another province. Here you will find a wealth of ideas and places to go in and around Hamilton; areas such as Haldimand, Norfolk or Niagara.

It is a great day out for everyone and offers an educational and relaxing experience. Have a safe and enjoyable summer everyone, wherever you decide to explore!!