Submitted by Chrissy Chrzan and Sheri Selway

April showers bring May blooms of cultural celebration and remembrance. As we transition into the month of May, we honour the rich tapestry of Asian Heritage, in Asian Heritage Month, commemorating the resilience and contributions of Asian Canadians throughout Canadian history. From the struggles faced by Chinese immigrants under the shadow of the Chinese Immigration Act to the injustices inflicted upon Japanese Canadians during World War II, acknowledgement and reflection upon these chapters of our past are recognized. Through official apologies from Government and solemn remembrances, we strive for understanding and unity of all.

May is also Canadian Jewish Heritage Month, a time to delve into the vibrant traditions and storied history of the Jewish community in Canada. With approximately 400,000 individuals of Jewish heritage enriching our nation, their myriad contributions resonate across various facets of Canadian society.

May 5th, we pay homage to Dutch Heritage Day, honouring the valour of Canadian soldiers who liberated the Netherlands during World War II while celebrating the enduring cultural exchange between Canada and the Netherlands. Over a million Canadians of Dutch descent continue to shape the cultural landscape of our nation.

May 17th marks the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, a global rallying cry for inclusivity and equality. It serves as a poignant reminder that every individual deserves dignity and respect, irrespective of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

As we approach May 24th, Canadians across the country commemorate Victoria Day, celebrating the enduring legacy of Queen Victoria and the enduring bonds of the Commonwealth. Since its declaration in 1845, Victoria Day has stood as a testament to our nation’s rich heritage and enduring traditions.

Information above is from the Government of Canada Important and Commemorative Days website. Important and commemorative days –

In addition to these significant dates, May boasts over 80 Health Promotion Days, providing ample opportunities for education and awareness on various health-related issues. From bladder cancer awareness to hypertension awareness and the celebration of healthcare professionals during National Nursing Week, International Nurses Day, and National Physicians Day, May offers a wealth of resources to empower individuals in their pursuit of wellness. For more information about the Health Promotion Days, see the website below.

Let’s embrace the spirit of May, a month teeming with cultural celebration, reflection, and advocacy, as we collectively strive towards a more inclusive and healthier future for all.