Did we tell you? Do you know? By Brenda Duke, Coordinator

I’m still learning my way around and I am amazed at the people who are dedicated to The Breezes! Multitudes of people who want to share their experiences and their talent by contributing to our paper. The articles are stories…stories of experiences lived and shared with neighbours they know and people they want to meet. Stories that tell the history of the North End, the challenges faced and the love of community. We have our standbys, people who have contributed over the years and now, we have people coming in to be part of our team. The services and supports are amazing and I always want to bring you that news. That is how we build a community that cares.

I’m excited that we are growing but we couldn’t do it without the stand-bys, the people like Linda Robinson who builds a team to make sure the paper goes out. Join her for coffee and donuts from yet another neighbourhood sponsor, Grandad’s.

Meet new friends and have fun too! Thank you everyone! You make it happen!


Position Available

Do you have a passion for the North End? Do you enjoy The Breezes and want to keep it successful? Are you invested in your community and want to spread the word?

North End Breezes newspaper is looking for a volunteer Board Member with the following skills: * A passion for and understanding of the North End * Knowledge of marketing and social media * Skilled in web site management * Interest in and knowledge of fundraising events/activities * Experience in layout and design to assist with the production of the newspaper

This is a very broad description of the needs of The North End Breezes. Please let us know if you have any of these skills or experience. We are willing to train the person with the best qualifications.

Please contact us at 905-523-6611 ext # 3004 or email your resume to office@northendbreezes.com

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