Yes…Arrr!! Is actually a word…

It is not only a word used by pirates, it is also a meaningful reply, not just a grunt or mumbling. West Country natives from the Southwest region of England that includes counties such as Devon and Glouceshire preferred the hard “R” sound and “Aye” which is historically a nautical term meaning “Yes” aboard ships. Combine the two and you have “Arrr!!”

Ahoy, me hearties!!…. It’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Tuesday, September 19th.Its a fun celebration of dressing up and talking like pirates.  Talk Like a Pirate Day was created by two ordinary guys John Bauer and Mark Summers of Albany, Oregon in 2002. While playing racquet ball one them suddenly screamed “Arrrgh!!!” after pulling a hamstring. The two men laughed about it later and thought it sounded like a pirate. It became an inside joke between the two at first ;they picked this day for their made-up holiday simply because it was Summer’s ex-wife’s birthday. It would be an easy date for them to remember. The two men then sent a letter outlining their idea to American Syndicated humor columnist Dave Barry. He loved the idea and wrote about their little holiday and it  quickly became an international celebration.

For many of us our fuzzy perception of pirates was fostered during the 1950’s by The Australian movie Long John Silver and the many Walt Disney movies and animations such as Treasure Island (1950) and Blackbeard (1952).

The earliest documented acts of piracy occurred during the 14th century when a group of raiders called the ‘Sea Peoples’ attacked Aegean and Mediterranean ships and civilizations robbing them of gold, silver and even food.