The Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts is excited to announce the return of one of our most popular events: Kidscrawl! Serving over 2500 elementary and secondary school students, Kidscrawl offers participating classes from both public and catholic schools the chance to visit 32 unique venues in downtown Hamilton.  The sold-out, day-long event has students storming the city’s streets while exploring galleries, attending live music performances and partaking in arts-based activities such as slam poetry creation. Included in the programming is an exclusive to preview work by local and international award-winning artists! Now in its fifth year, HCA is proud to deepen the connection between art, education and community, and recognizes its unique role in creating access to galleries and the art-going experience for young people.

“Kidscrawl gives students the chance to relate with art first-hand.” said HCA Artistic Director Vitek Wincza. “In a time when so many young people engage more and more with screens, it is especially important for organizations like HCA to create programming that makes art personal and relatable.”

Kidscrawl takes place Friday, May 12. For more information on participating venues and testimonials, visit or call 905 528 4020