The first weekend of May is a busy one.  Doors Open and Jane’s Walk!  How to decide what to do??

Jane’s Walks are citizen led walking tours based on community building and feature many different local Hamilton walks on their webpage

The North End will again be a walk location with a walk on Pier 7 & 8 and some of the surrounding area.   Walkers will learn some of the history of a part of the West Harbour area where the City has slated for major new development. The leader, Sheri Selway, will use historical photos to help visualize the long gone history. This walk will encompass 2 loops, so participants can choose to head back to Williams half way through, if they wish. We will see the Skyway Bridge, and consider the importance of the Burlington Canal to Hamilton and consider what life was like before it was built. Walking the trail along the edge, we will consider what has happened to the water where we used to swim, and see where ships would dock and unload their cargo. We will observe the majesty of industry, see the new flour mill, and the revetment wall and imagine Hamiltonians long ago jumping into the bay – (sometimes skinny-dipping!). Further along we will find the site of the City Hospital (1852), and see the steps of the House of Refuge. Along Eastwood Park, we will remember this used to be under water, and was filled with refuse. Dock Sevice Road didn’t used to be there, and Eastwood went all the way to the water! Walking along Brock, we will see how an old warehouse is being converted to new dwellings. At Hughson we will head back to the water to see the new docks at the Harbour West Marina and and consider where new development is planned. For walkers continuing, we will head past the Port Authority, Ken Soble Apartments, and visit Bay View Park, site of an early Glassworks.  Please join the walk  May 4 2:00 pm, May 5 1:00 pm, or May 7 at 11:00 a.m.  All welcome.  Usually accessible for all. 

House of Refuge – where Marina Towers now stands.