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Run for Youth

“Youth need us, I never want to turn away a youth” – Frederick Dryden On October 14th, Frederick Dryden, founder and director of Liberty for Youth, began a 650km run from Ottawa to Hamilton. He is running a marathon a day over the next three weeks and will arrive home in Hamilton on November 5th where he will run the last 10km in the Road for Hope. The run is part of a three-year campaign to raise $650,000 for the programs of Liberty for Youth, a non -profit organization based in Hamilton. Frederick is hoping to raise awareness and create sustainability for its programs which are geared to helping at-risk youth. Sadly, the vision for the run was born out of a very deep loss. During the last two years, Liberty for Youth tragically lost two of their youth who had participated in their program. After funding cuts and reduced programs it meant they could no longer participate. Still today, some youth who really need help have to be turned away. Liberty for Youth started in 2003 out of the basement of Frederick and his wife’s home. Frederick always knew that he would do something to help young people as he understood the challenges of navigating a difficult life as a youth. One thing people learn about Frederick when they first meet him is his passion and heart for...

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Rowing on the Harbour

By Graham West It’s 4:30 in the morning and you can’t see anything except what is right beside you. All you can hear is the blades churning the water as the boat slowly creeps it’s way closer and closer to the finish line. It’s -5 degrees out but you feel like a furnace as the calm but vicious motion of rushing up the slide and rowing gives you the warmth you need. Watching the sun rise over the Burlington bridge, rowing past families of swans, there’s nothing quite like rowing whether it’s fall, summer or spring and there’s no...

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McMaster Students Night

 by Kyle West James Street North is full of wonderful local spots that can lead to a fruitful and fun night on the town. Some of my favorite places to go are local art galleries, pizza restaurants and record stores — all with a very welcoming attitude leading to a great night out in Hamilton’s North End. If you want to start off with viewing some art, you can go to Hamilton Artists Inc., located at 155 James St N. Hamilton Artists Inc. is a local gallery that is artist run and supports the local arts community. Founded in 1975...

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Jason Farr—Councillor, Ward II

Hello, Breezes Readers This past spring, I had the great pleasure of introducing the children at Bennetto School to Plan Local. I billed it as fun and easy way for them to tell me what they need to do in their neighbourhood to make streets safer for them as the walk to school, ride with friends and family and drive throughout their neighbourhood. I shared with the kids that we wanted them to participate in this thing called Plan Local and that they could submit ideas and if their ideas received enough votes across ward 2, they would become reality. So what exactly is Plan Local? Between April and June, we engaged residents from across Ward 2 to learn how best to spend $1 million on street safety and traffic calming measures in our neighbourhoods. Street safety has been an on-going concern for the residents and business owners of Ward 2. The Ward is home to almost 40,000 residents, including 2,600 elementary school students; it is the centre of business in the city, with 25,000 workers commuting here every day. With so many drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians using the streets of the Ward every day, without any doubt, robust street safety infrastructure is needed. The North End Traffic Management Plan is a good example of the city working with the community in addressing north-enders on street safety. This evolved...

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