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National Opposites Day

by Brian Roulston This Way means That Way, Up means Down and Stop means Go….well only for one day on January 25th anyways. International Opposites Day is a fun, informal celebration played out in many schools across Canada and the U.S. It’s the day we do the opposite of which we say. It’s a day when both children and adults can join in with some lighthearted, backward fun to shake up an otherwise boring, daily routine during the coldest, bleakest time of year. People can feel free to say the opposite of what they mean, put their clothes on backwards, or even step...

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Fashion for January 2018

“Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy.” –Kimora Lee. A new year, a new beginning, or so the classic saying goes. Many people desire to begin the new year with a new years resolution, be it a new exercise regime, more time with friends and loved ones, or a new look, there are many ways to boost your style this year. Whether you choose a new coat, new boots, or even a new wardrobe completely, there are thousands of new styles this season that will give you a spring in your step and a desire to flaunt your stuff. Let’s take a peek at what we can expect to see hitting the streets this year. Everyone has a set of clothes that are the most comfortable thing in the world, I know I do. Putting on our comfortable outfit makes it fell like our clothes are giving us a big hug. If you love a comfy outfit that is still stylish as ever, then you’ll adore the latest trend hitting the runway this season: glam tracksuits. Designers all over the globe are creating these stunning suits and giving us a multitude of options. Whether you pick sparkles, solid colours, or animal print, you’ll love fabulous (and comfy) in this seasons must have look! In the drab winter season, people are ready for a pop of colour...

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by Brenda Duke on behalf of Elderberries It just wouldn’t be The Breezes without something from Pam Winter. But… as many of you know, Pam has been a bit under the weather lately and not up to sending us anything for this issue. Normally, I’d pull something from our archived articles and presto! We’d hear her words, her sentiments and her memories. But, readers, I’m sorry to let you down; I’ve misplaced the archived articles and need a technical wizard to get them back. So, I’m going to share what I feel Pam would want you to know. I...

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Book Club Corner – January 2018

by Kit Darling At our December meeting we discussed Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. This New York Times Book Review Book of the Year (2014)   focuses on the Lee family. A mixed race marriage in the 1970’s describes a dysfunctional family. James, the son of Chinese immigrants is desperate for his children to fit in and be popular in their small Ohio college town; Marilyn is a housewife who studied to be a doctor but gave that up on marrying. They both focus their dreams on their older daughter Lydia, in the process dismissing or ignoring...

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Get your mind IN the Gutters

by Candy Venning I was fortunate to spend part of my childhood growing up in Ontario, playing near ravines and waterways; some of my fondest memories are of wading through streams, watching frogs, minnows & dragonflies. Now as an adult I live in Hamilton with its beautiful escarpment, waterfalls and miles of waterfront. I know I’m not alone in a belief that we can see clear streams flowing into a pristine lake, children splashing along safe beaches and water we can swim in again. We always wish to believe that someone else is causing the problem, a big factory...

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