About North End Breezes






North End residents rely upon the
North End Breezes to help keep
them apprised of the various
organizations, local businesses,
volunteer opportunities, services
and events taking place within
the neighbourhood. It can always
be relied upon for an amusing or
inspirational anecdote, joke or
personal story.

North End Breezes connects with
residents by fostering a sense of
community identity and awareness
of community happenings. North
End Breezes has partnerships with
over 20 community organizations,
churches, schools, centres and

Articles written represent the opinions
of the individual participants and
organizations and do not necessarily
reflect the position of North End Breezes or its board members.





The North End Breezes is a not-for-profit team of enthusiastic volunteers who produce a monthly newsletter in order to promote community connectivity and mutual support by engaging our North End Neighbours.


The North End Breezes will be a vital resource that promotes harmony, pride and collective community action in a diverse and dynamic neighbourhood.


We couldn’t continue to bring you the news of the North End without the support of our donors: Joan & Morley Balinson, Harold Baynham, Lillian Brown & Anna Paris, Alan (Tubby) Bruce, Jim Davies, Mary & Vic Coomer, Kathleen Flood, Edward Gleeson, Hamilton Community Legal Clinic, William MacKinnon, Clarence Maitland, Clayton Mitchell, SIR Administrations, Shoppers Drug Mart, Edna Snelling, Ed Stewart, Larry & Pat Taggart, Joan A. Thompson and Robert & Maty Young. Let’s not forget our Century Club Donors: Robert Gregson, Patricia Gudlaugson, Stan Obremski, Sheri Selway, TCA/Their & Curran Architects and Anne Tennier.




Distributed on the 1st of each month
4,200 NEB Newspapers produced
3,400 Distributed within the
North End boundaries
850 Distributed to area retailers,
social services agencies and clinics


Board of Directors

Chair – Paul Havercroft: Paul is the Associate Pastor at Hughson Baptist Church, and resident of The North End for 10 years, Paul enjoys being part of the community.

Treasurer – Ian McDonald: Ian McDonald, CPA is proud Hamilton resident for the past 30 years and Managing Director at SBMI. Ian believes in paying back his community through volunteer work and becoming involved.

Community Advocate – Chris Pearson: Chris is a long-time resident of the North End and can be found out and about volunteering at New Horizons and as part of the activities taking place at Welcome Inn Community Centre

Website Design and Social Media – Marie Mushing: Marie Mushing is the owner of People In Connection, a website design business/business network and has maintained Breezes website for over ten years.

Twitter, Facebook and Social Media – Sarah Harvie: Sarah provides social media support to the Breezes. Born and raised in Hamilton, she is a resident of the East End, but frequents the North End for shopping, beautiful walks along the Bayfront, and slipping and sliding on the Pier 8 skating rink!

Ad Sales/Events/Contributor – Annabel Krupp: Annabel is new to the North End and has a background in community engagement and environmental restoration.  Since moving here, she has been an active volunteer with North End Breezes and is enjoying exploring the new neighbourhood.

Coordinator – Brenda Duke: Brenda is a community advocate who has been involved in her neighbourhood of Gibson and Landsdale for several years. She brings her experience in publishing to The Breezes and has become inspired to bring the news of the North End to the North End.