Month: February 2018

Sherman Inlet Shoreline Restoration

In 2017, Hamilton Port Authority announced the start of a two-year process to restore an area at Sherman Inlet that was filled in 2000.  HPA’s Land Use Plan (2017) outlines a commitment to preserve the Inlet as a protected natural space in perpetuity, within the port’s secure perimeter. Sherman Inlet is one of the last remnants of the original shoreline of Hamilton Harbour; we recognize that it carries cultural as well as environmental significance to the surrounding community. The Inlet is a natural backwater embayment on Hamilton Harbour at Pier 15 that includes a City of Hamilton combined sewer...

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Ontario’s Rental Fairness Act is Good News for Tenants

After years of pressure from tenants and tenant advocates the Ontario government has finally taken important steps to protect the rights of tenants.  These actions could go a long way in tackling the affordable housing crisis in our province. The Rental Fairness Act (Bill 124) addresses issues that are vital to ensuring tenants’ right to safe, adequate and affordable housing.  Bill 124 was passed unanimously on May 18, 2017. There are many good things in this proposed legislation that will be of benefit to tenants. The 1991 exemption will end. That is the exemption that applied to properties occupied by tenants living in rental units that were first occupied for residential purposes after 1991.  These tenants will no longer be forced out by the landlord’s unlimited right to raise the rent at the end of each lease term. Effective April 20, 2017, landlords cannot raise rents more than the rent increase guideline. This year that the guideline is 1.5 per cent. Any rent increase notices above this amount given on or after April 20 must be reduced to 1.5 per cent. A new standard lease form will be introduced. That means tenants will be protected from leases with illegal and misleading clauses.  As tenants know too well, these leases are routinely used by landlords to misinform tenants about their rights and obligations. Rules for evictions will be tightened up in...

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The North End is for the Birds

By Annabel Krupp As a new resident to the North End I enjoyed the warm spring, summer, and fall months checking out my new neighbourhood. There was lots to do and see…the Tall Ships, Supercrawl, Salsa on Pier 8, the weekly car show on Pier 4, Dragon Boat races.  Our neighbourhood was hopping with lots of locally-run and city-wide events on our doorstep. But then winter hit.  Cold, wind, snow. While I admit I do love winter; snowshoeing in the forest, cross-country skiing across a lake, or sledding down a hill with the kids, it is my Australian shepherd that gets me out each and every day. It was on one of these dog walks around Bayfront Park that I saw them.  Two huge Trumpeter swans by the beach.  I knew they weren’t the typical mute swans we usually see, and with huge yellow tags on their wings I wanted to know more.  From there I found out that these swans were once almost extinct and now there is a thriving population in our area.  I also found out that after Point Peele and Long Point, Hamilton is arguably the third best bird watching area in Canada. I brought my binoculars and guide book down the next day hoping for a better look.  The Trumpeter Swans were gone, but in their place were some other fascinating creatures.  The Common...

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Black History Month

By: Ken Hirter February marks Black History Month where Canadians are invited to participate in festivities and events that honor the legacy of Black Canadians, past and present. ROLL CALL – A Poem by George Clarke Stories of Courage Reveal Your Presence It can be found on the website: Black History Month-CANADA.CA for more information. Here in Hamilton, the Hamilton Public Library (HPL) between February 01-23, 2018 is honouring Black History Month with FREE MOVIES at the HPL Central location and also the surrounding library locations. For an inclusive listing of all the movies and documentaries please visit their website...

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The Area we live in The Golden Horseshoe

 By: Brian Roulston Ontario, Herbert H. Rogge, President of Canadian Westinghouse Company Limited. The Greater Golden Horseshoe and the Green Belt In a speech on January 12th, 1954 to the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce outlining the future of industrial development in Southwestern Ontario, Herbert H. Rogge, President of Canadian Westinghouse Company Limited was credited with the first use of the phrase ‘The Golden Horseshoe’. It is an area we call today ‘The Greater Golden Horseshoe (GGH)’ which comprises of Halton, Peel, York, Durham, Niagara Regions and of course The City of Hamilton. Originally the Golden Horseshoe was 150 miles...

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