Month: January 2018

Your Board of Directors

With the recent resignations of Margaret (Megs) Smith and Sharon Clark, there has been some transitioning and some new additions to your Board. Please meet our new board of directors. Chair – Paul Havercroft: Paul is the Associate Pastor at Hughson Baptist Church, and resident of The North End for 10 years, Paul enjoys being part of the community. Treasurer – Ian McDonald: Ian McDonald, CPA is proud Hamilton resident for the past 30 years and Managing Director at SBMI. Ian believes in paying back his community through volunteer work and becoming involved. Community Advocate – Chris Pearson: Chris...

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Harbour West Neighbours Update

Harbour West Neighbours is a group of North End neighbourhood residents with a special interest in how the City plans for the future of the neighbourhood as a child and family friendly neighbourhood. Members of HWN have been active since 2002. At the present time members of the HWN planning team have three appeals to the OMB under way. Residents rights to an OMB appeal give local residents leverage and ability to influence City decisions. The first appeal relates to the City’s promise to put the waterfront plan into the City’s Official Plan. When a plan is in the Official Plan residents have a right to appeal to the OMB. The City did not put the waterfront plan into the Official Plan. HWN have appealed that breach of the original commitment. The OMB has confirmed the right of HWN to appeal. The hearing will be held in 2018. The second appeal relates to City by-law permitting outdoor live and recorded music on patios on the waterfront. Based on the neighbourhood’s experience with the City/Sarcoa operation, HWN has appealed that by-law to the OMB on the grounds that the permitted noise level of 60db contradicts the MOE guideline of 50db and because the City is not likely to enforce the by-law. The third appeal relates to Pier 8 where the City failed to plan for Pier 8 at the same...

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Welcome to the New Year and the Warmth of the North End

by Susan Brooks We often think of making resolutions to start the New Year.  Unfortunately, the resolutions many make, also only last for the very first parts of that New Year. What if we were to determine to continue to make The North End an even warmer and more wonderful place to live, by contributing individually, or as groups, to making this an even better place to live? As individuals, we can do things to make the community a better place by assisting with such things as: Helping others with their food needs by participating in activities like: Helping...

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Update from NENa

We are excited about 2018 as we have a lot going on. Thanks to everyone that filled out a survey which will provide NENa with some direction. The results of the survey will be displayed at our Feb. meeting December was a busy month. NENa had 3 new developers on James Street show us their plans We had the city give us a traffic management plan update (view the video on our website) A neighbourhood survey was completed Flyers went out to every house/apartment in the neighbourhood NENa representatives met with city planners January 2018 – We want your input! The city wants NENa to design the 6 neighbourhood street signs. Finances – NENa is looking for fundraising ideas New Board of Directors Upcoming Meetings January3rd 2018 February 1st 2018 Meetings are held at Bennetto Community Centre at 7:00...

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