Month: December 2017

Book Club Corner – December 2017

  by Kit Darling At our November meeting we discussed The Road From Coorain by Jill Ker Conway. Conway’s “road”  led from an isolated sheep farm in Australia to Harvard University and eventually the presidency of Smith College. Members talked about her descriptions of the Australian grasslands that brought the landscape to life. Others commented on the similarities between the settlement of fragile grasslands by Australian sheep/cattle farmers and the wheat and cattle farmers of the midwest and prairies of North America – and how these both led to extreme droughts and loss of soil. Other comments focussed on...

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Legislation’s Intent: Clients Should Receive All Benefits Permitted

By Bob Wood Our clinic provides a variety of services including legal advice and legal representation. One area that is a busy part of our practice is appeals of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP).  ODSP is one of two social assistance programs provided in Ontario. We were recently involved at the Social Benefits Tribunal (SBT) where our client had appealed the decision of an ODSP Manager. The final decision of the SBT in the case is helpful for individuals on social assistance who are not accessing their full shelter allowance. Here is what happened. Our client, let’s call her Jane, had lived in the same housing unit for 21 years. The Fire Department had determined that clutter in Jane’s unit was a fire risk for her and her neigbours.  An order was issued. However, Jane was not physically able to de-clutter because of her disabilities.  She didn’t have the money to get someone to help her de-clutter either. Having exhausted all potential funding sources, Jane asked ODSP to provide additional shelter funds.  That request was denied.  The ODSP manager’s rationale was that the legislation does not support assistance with the cost of personal housekeeping in client’s homes. Our client then entered into consent agreement with her landlord.  The landlord agreed to pay upfront costs of $3,550 for decluttering work.  Jane was required to pay back $1,300 of this...

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By Pam Winter As I look from my window, how quickly the season has changed, even getting our first note of winter. The memories of the month that Christmas is close to hand and the knowledge that season’s change as do our lives. One day when I was a young girl my grandfather reminded me of years passed. We were, or rather I should say I came from a family of Publicans on the Isle of Wight. One of our gifts was to greet neighbours and friends and exchange small gifts and enjoy the season and years passing. Our...

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Fashion For December 2017

By Alexandra Sempie “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” – Rachel Zoe. With snow flurries in the air and a chill that shakes you to your bones, everyone is reaching for thick, heavy clothes. While a baggy sweater and cabin socks do indeed feel like a hug from your best friend, they aren’t they most stylish piece of clothing one can choose from. Designers are embracing the colder weather and providing us with many different styles of clothes and accessories that are both comfortable and look extraordinarily fierce. A good jacket can...

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502 words for your Garden to thrive by

By Candy Venning Plant a native tree*, native shrub** or group of native perennials***. Did you know an Oak supports the largest number of species? This includes over 400 different types of caterpillars; the only thing baby/ fledgling birds can eat (because they can’t eat seeds or nuts when still in the nest) Pollinators may support our crops & almost every plant on earth, but they, in turn, support birds as a source of food. We need more caterpillars, larvae & insects! Maybe you’re thinking ‘Nope, we don’t need more bugs’ as you eye up your lawn, but remember...

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