Day: December 1, 2017

Bennetto Students Build a Rain Garden

By Grade 5 Bennetto students Emma Lillycropp and Leeyah Leite-Hamilton Recently our grade 5 class planted a natural rain garden at Bennetto Elementary school. Before we planted our garden we learned about collecting rain water with the “Raingers Rain Garden” program.  The Raingers came into our class and showed us different reasons for collecting rain water so it doesn’t get wasted by going into our sewer system. It began with Laura Anderson from Green Venture. Laura, a brought in some hands-on miniature houses with different drainage and water collection options for us to work with. We learned how some surfaces are...

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The First North Enders

A land recognition statement by McMaster University’s Indigenous Studies Department now precedes meetings as varied as City of Hamilton Council debates  to neighbourhood planning team gatherings. The Anishinaabe (Mississaugans) and Haudenosaunee (Six Nations  Iroquois) are duly recognized but an aboriginal group  that sadly has no one to advocate for them has been omitted. The Iroquois speaking Chonnonton  (`people who tend deer’) occupied much of southern Ontario and even the extreme western portion of New York State . One Chonnonton group, the Onguiaahra gave their name to a mighty river that would come to bisect two countries. The two terms,...

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International Civil Aviation Day December 7, 2017

By: Brian Roulston Man has dreamed about flying with the birds since the beginning of time. Many unsuccessful attempts were made until the Wright Bros finally achieved that elusive dream on December 17th, 1903 when they flew the first controlled powered flight over the sand dunes of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.That first flight only lasted 12 seconds, That twelve seconds changed the world as we knew it at the time. International Civil Aviation Day was first celebrated in 1996 in all countries under the United Nation’s umbrella. Aviation has helped win wars, flown sick and injured people to safety,...

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Arts & Entertainment – December

By Tracee Lee-Holloway Once upon a time is not what it used to be. FRACTALIZE is a hypermedia fiction project. Narrative fractals are delivered to users in the form of gallery exhibits, performances, happenings, alternate reality experiences, web videos, photographs, music, text messages, sound art, 360º video, augmented reality, and social media posts. The first installment in the FRACTALIZE series is an ongoing collaborative fractal/forensic media arts project I’ve Loved You From Afar which follows the story of Elizabeth and Richard.  Their affair is an exploration on themes of ecstasy of distance while touching on desire. The exhibit and...

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North End Newcomer – Salt Lick and a Promise

By Rose Divecha My husband Rob’s birthday landed on a Friday this year. We knew how we wanted to celebrate – dinner at Salt Lick Smokehouse. We had held off visiting the restaurant until both our kids could join us and we could fully indulge in the platter sharing dining experience as it was meant to be enjoyed, family style. We pulled open the door and entered the restaurant after a quick summer rainfall, the type where the clouds open up dropping buckets of water one minute, followed by glorious rays of sun acting like nothing happened, the next....

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