Month: November 2017

Councillor Update – Jason Farr

CityHousing Hamilton’s West Harbour properties of Jamesville and 500 MacNab St N will be undergoing a transformation redevelopment, shifting the conversation from social housing as a liability to social housing as a vital part of a complete community. For Jamesville, CHH is intent on bringing together innovations in land-use planning, building design, financial structure and community benefit in a best-in-class redevelopment. A Request for Expressions of Interest (RFEOI), which sought to identify development concepts that would maximize social benefit and financial sustainability, closed in July 2017 with seven development teams having responded. Next steps already underway involve developing a procurement process that will further define the scope of the project and result in the selection of the ideal development partner. One on the key goals of the project is to maintain affordability in the new development, with approximately 50 social housing units being targeted as a minimum. For 500 MacNab St N, CHH is embarking on a ground-breaking project to rehabilitate the 50 year old 17-storey apartment tower using an ultra-low energy retrofit standard. A feasibility study and business case have been created which outline the pathway to not just restoring the 146 unit affordable housing building, but upgrading it into high-quality affordable housing for seniors. Currently CHH is continuing work to find financial support to make this transformational full-building renovation...

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Affordable, Supported Housing at 500 James St North

There’s something new developing in the neighbourhood!  Hughson St Baptist Church purchased the former LCBO / Picton Library building at the north-east corner of James and Picton in 2011 with a plan to renovate it into a new church facility.  In January 2016 those plans changed significantly as the need for affordable housing in the North End became apparent to the church members.  Working with Indwell Christian Homes, the membership decided to add 45 units of supported, affordable housing to their new church plans.  This means the demolition of the present building and building brand new.  The new facility...

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By Jocelyn Weatherbe Cohousing is not just an idea to save money but may be a way to save your life.  Current studies have shown that loneliness and isolation are bad for your health and may even be killers. Sharing a home in some way will ease the stress of modern life.  You will laugh more, eat better, be more active, and live longer. Hard to find fault with that. Cohousing, home sharing, cooperative living all have at their core finding compatible people to share and enhance your life. Cohousing can be group of houses around a common area with a community centre.  It can be as simple as several people buying a large house and retrofitting it to provide modern amenities and often individual bathrooms (we all want one apparently) or to the purchase of an existing apartment building where one or two units are renovated into a large common dining/living area/guest suite. The first step is finding your community of like-minded people who are in a position to join you in this adventure. This is the most important part of the process. And understanding that everyone is different is essential to success.  There will always be issues but a commitment to the values and benefits of cohousing should allow people to understand and overcome them and grow stronger as a community. Here are a few quotes from...

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Housing Challenges and Opportunities in Hamilton

By Emily from JvN/d Housing in Hamilton is becoming increasingly unaffordable. According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, rents in Hamilton have increased by an average of 2.5 per cent every year over the past decade. In the past year alone, rents increased by 5 per cent to an average of $967 per month. A low vacancy rate means that local renters are competing for fewer, more expensive apartments. Recently released data from Statistics Canada’s Canadian Income Survey and the Realtors Association of Hamilton-Burlington shows that incomes in the region have remained stable over the past decade while the price of a detached home increased by 40 per cent. Average home prices rose by 20 percent in the past year alone, up from $446,961 in 2015 to $535,520 in 2016. For many Hamiltonians, buying a home seems like an impossible dream. Even those who purchased their homes years ago and have paid off their mortgages are struggling. For example, seniors living on fixed incomes find it difficult to afford the rising property taxes on their homes. When real estate agents come knocking, many people decide to cash in and sell their homes. Surely, $300,000 is an amazing offer for a home that cost $70,000 when it was purchased decades ago! But often times, when these sellers look for comparable properties elsewhere in Hamilton, they find that home prices...

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Submitted by Brian Roulston It’s been called many things from a sweeper to a lip rug or caterpillar to name a few. Some very famous people have sported moustaches just as famous as the people themselves such as Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds, Chris Hadfield and Niel deGrasse Tyson. It’s Movember, originally started in Melbourne, Australia by Travis Garone and Luke Slattery while enjoying a beer at the local watering hole. They were reminiscing how moustaches have all but disappeared in recent fashion trends leading up to 2003. Inspired by a friend’s mother who was fundraising for breast cancer they...

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