Day: November 6, 2017

Food Drive Success!

Food Drive Success! By Curtis Biehler Thank you for your donations! On September 30th, the Reckman and Biehler families got together to do a food drive in the North End in support of the Welcome Inn. This was our fourth year doing it and the generosity of the neighbourhood was fantastic. We were really proud of our children ranging in age from 3 to 8 who went door to door and collected an amazing 1647 pounds of food and $40.00. Thank you to everyone who donated showing again that working together can make a difference. We plan on doing it again...

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Book Club Corner – November 2017

by Kit Darling At the first meeting of the Bay Area Book Club, we discussed The Prison Book Club by Ann Walmsley. The author is persuaded by a friend to accompany her to her monthly book club meeting with inmates at Ontario’s Collins Bay Institution. The reaction of our members was unanimously positive. Several commented on the careful reading of the books and the depth of the discussion. There was also much discussion about the role that mental health issues play in incarceration and the lack of significant treatment.  Some members said that they had read the book twice and others were prompted to read books on similar topics. And here are some recommended reads from our members, most of which are available from the Hamilton Public Library. Visit the Bookmobile at Bennetto Recreation Centre on Tuesday (2:30 to 4:30) and Thursday (6:00 to 8:00). The Boys in the Bunkhouse by Dan Barry, non-fiction This is the story of a group of “mentally retarded” men living in near servitude day after day, year after year, decade after decade. In 1966 they were young men when they were taken from the state school and sent to work for Henry’s Turkey Service. It was 2009 before they were “saved”.  How did this neglect, exploitation, and physical and emotional abuse happen at all and for so long? New York Times journalist Dan...

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North End Newcomer – Walk the Walk

By Rose Divecha We were out for our nightly walk along the water’s edge when the little guy stopped abruptly in front of us, one foot scraping the pavement acting as a brake, the other planted firmly upon his scooter. “I thought you were walking a goose!” he exclaimed. Our dog Bailey stood by my side panting and I looked down at him and considered how he might be mistaken for a goose – the long legs and top-heavy body, perhaps? “No, just our dog.” I replied trying not to laugh. I was struck immediately by the boy’s confidence...

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