Day: November 1, 2017

Six ways for You, for Everyone, to Love your Garden Harder

By Candy Venning 1) First let’s talk about the 3 B’s – and creating habitats for them Birds; planting species in your garden that support our feathered friends not only in the seeds a plant provides but also for spring foraging on insects and larvae (they need to feed their chicks in spring when there are no seeds) One good example; Arrowwood Viburnum – a caterpillar host that also bears fruit. Butterflies; provide larvae for birds and aside from being beautiful are diminishing in numbers and pollinate flowers. Consider adding Echinacea, Aster, Liatris, Chocolate Boneset, and the Monarchs all...

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Elderberries November 2017

by Pam Winter As I say and always believe – never a dull moment. As our readers know I have been at Dundurn Place, my well looked after facility for Seniors and friends who need some looking after and care could not possibly be better! Hats off to all of the staff who go the extra mile. I don’t know how you weathered the heat on Thursday, Megs and I decided to sit out in our lovely garden, even that was too warm so we thought we would go back to our 3 Rd floor for snacks, but not meant to be.  We were waiting for an elevator, and one of the staff got off, and “Thelma and Louise” got on with our walkers and our usual smiles.  To our chagrin – no bells or whistles –  we were stranded! Megs is diabetic and unfortunately no soft drinks or water in her bag – the elevator completely out of operations.  We did have a cell phone.  Fortunately, my daughter picked up in British Columbia, and she got in touch with Dundurn Palace.  Talk about around the world in 80 days or so it seemed. We had our legs pulled and now have new names “Thelma and Louise”.  We had supper at Dundurn and once more laughed to tell the tale.  I wish you, our readers, could visualize the two...

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Arts and Entertainment – November 2017

By Tracee Lee-Holloway The Crossshop is open for viewing. A satirical look at The Cross as an early branding icon.   I might warn you that It is not for the faint of heart or devout. When was the last time you were able to glimpse the crucifix in a retail-like setting?  You can now.  On the wall a few questions to ponder while taking in all the display in its entirety. Who needs an artist statement? • Why did I make this Crossart for the Crossshop? • Does this lapsed RC have a cross to bear? • Did I want to hurt, in making this art? • Is it OK to just let ideas out like diarrhea? • Shouldn’t we just all make happy art? • How many variations on the cross can I make? • Is this satire, simply puerile, juvenile play? • Can’t one make art about politics or religion? • Why didn’t I make art about Islam too? • Over whose couch could this stuff possibly hang? • Why am I asking all these smart ass questions? • Is the cross an early logo for the God brand? • Will I go to hell for making this shock value art? • Can one design a better cross, like a better widget? • Why not just leave well enough alone? • Am I the only one who thinks...

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New Horizons Has a New Parking Lot

By Annabel Krupp Joni Mitchell’s famous lyrics “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone, they paved paradise and put up a parking lot” must have been going through the heads of staff and volunteers as they worked together to rip apart an old parking lot at New Horizons Thrift Shop at 520 James Street North.  In it’s place is now 2000 square feet of permeable pavers and 10 garden boxes filled with native plants. These permeable pavers are a thing of beauty.  Called EcoRasters, they are made from recycled plastic bags; this small parking lot saved a...

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Walkabout with Ken Hirter – November 2017

This month’s Walkabout finds me visiting my good friend Pam Winter whom many readers know here for her monthly column the ELDERBERRIES in North End Breeze’s at her new home at Dundurn Place. Pam enjoys our visits and is always entertaining. The day of my Walkabout I was also my searching for the display model for the Tiny Home design in the area. This has been a general interest topic for myself and a unique way to build on a budget from homelessness to assist with a growing baby boomer generation as most of us are becoming senior’s in the next decade or so. Here in Hamilton, City Council planning committee voted last month and the Tiny Home Movement comes to Hamilton. The home designs are to be no larger than 425 square feet (about the size of 3 parking spaces) and destined to be located in Hamilton’s lower escarpment. I have seen throughout my years living here the plight of the homeless and the Senior Housing crisis. Could “tiny homes” be an answer? “No one should have to call a stone a pillow and the dirt ground floor a bed”. There are alternatives. It’s great to be housing the homeless and I believe that Senior’s homelessness is also on the rise sadly.  Many may lose their homes through downsizing and need to leave behind many lost mementos and cherished...

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