Month: October 2017

Arts and Entertainment

by Tracee Lee-Holloway If you find yourself wandering into galleries or shops from time to time, admiring the art, have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch an artist paint a canvas live? When was the last time you actually had the chance to talk with an artist? Well, once a month, here in Hamilton there is Art Battle An event held at The Spice Factory (and subsequent venues in other cities simultaneously across Canada) that hosts a live competition featuring local grassroots artists painting on their canvases while the audience watches and takes in...

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by Ken Hirter Thanksgiving is defined as: “the act of giving thanks, grateful acknowledgement or favors, an expression of thanks, a public celebration in acknowledgement of divine favor or kindness” Thanksgiving weekend this year starts on Saturday October the 07th to Monday October the 09th 2017. But did you know…… Long before Europeans settled in North America, festivals of thanks and celebrations of harvest took place in Europe in the month of October. The very first Thanksgiving celebration took place in Canada when Martin Frobisher, an Explorer from England arrived in Newfoundland in 1578. That means the first Thanksgiving...

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Port Update – A New Landmark in the North End

A colourful new addition has emerged along Burlington Street. Commissioned by Collective Arts Brewery, with support from HPA, artists Bruno Smoky, Shalak Attack, Peru143 and Chris Dyer along with Hamilton muralist Jordan Warmington have created a bright mural adjacent to the brewers’ outdoor beergarden. “Our vision for Collective Arts is to not only be a destination for beer, but also a place to come to experience world-class art and music. This is a step in creating that experience and also a way to show our long-term commitment to Hamilton,” explains Matt Johnston, CEO of Collective Arts Brewing. The wall...

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A New Park in the Neighbourhood

by Annabel Krupp Last month an exciting development occurred with the public unveiling of six submissions for Pier 8 Promenade Park.   This is the 30 metre strip of land along the north and east edges of Pier 8 and will be Hamilton’s newest area that locals and visitors will come to for lakeside recreation and entertainment.  Six design teams from all over North America created proposals for the public space and unveiled them at a public meeting on August 24th.  The plans were then displayed at the Lister Block on James Street and Evergreen Hamilton on James Street.  The...

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North End Breezes Board Members Needed

North End Breezes is looking for new board members who are passionate about the North End Community with experience and interest in any of the following areas: Finance Marketing/Fundraising Social Media/Communications Leadership Website Maintenance The North End Breezes is a not-for-profit team of enthusiastic volunteers. Our monthly newsletter strives to promote community connectivity and mutual support by engaging both residents and consumers from the north end of Hamilton. North End Breezes is a vital resource that promotes harmony, pride and collective community action in a diverse and dynamic neighbourhood. Our newsletter reaches over 4000 homes and businesses in the north end of Hamilton. Established in 1971, it is the key reason that this dynamically changing part of town is so engaged and connected. The North End Breezes was built on the philosophy of connecting people to services they need and it continues that tradition today. Benefits The North End Breezes Board of Directors provides you with the opportunity to offer your skills and expertise in a variety of areas.  We welcome new and experienced volunteers who are available to commit 3- 5 hours monthly to board meetings, sub-committees and activities/events.  We ask volunteers for a minimum three year commitment. Dates and Times Board meetings occur on the second Thursday of the month from 4:00pm – 5:30 pm Please contact or submit your resume to: attention Brenda Duke. Please...

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