Month: October 2017

How Will they Get Here

The Spectator recently reported that “You are going to see a lot of changes in the west harbour over the next two years,” said Chris Phillips, who heads up waterfront development for the City of Hamilton”. The Spec described the changes as “massive”. Whether you like, hate, or don’t care about the City’s plans for Piers 6, 7 and 8, there is no doubt that the City plans to bring more people to our waterfront. The only way to do that is to bring them through the North End neighbourhood. If you have any interest in how this might impact your life of the life of your family, we invite you to join us in going through the City’s plans and getting answers to questions like these: With millions of dollars in construction coming in the next few years, how will that truck traffic be controlled so that it stays off our residential streets? The neighbourhood approved 750 to 1000 new housing units for Pier 8 and limited local commercial. The City now proposes 1500 units and extensive commercial. How did that happen? Does it matter? The neighbourhood approved of mixed housing on Pier 8 including family and affordable housing. Will that happen? Our neighbourhood has been designated as a Child and Family Friendly neighbourhood with a unique and very important traffic management plan. Can this traffic management plan...

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Fashion for October 2017

by Alexandra Sempie Fall is in full effect, so you know what that means; Halloween, warmer drinks, and the classic fall fashion! Last month, designers treated us to some of their new looks during the September Fashion Weeks so the fashion world is a buzz with new ideas and brand new trends. Fall is a critical time in the fashion world as people are changing their wardrobes to fit the weather, but just because the temperature drops doesn’t mean your sense of style has to as well! Let’s have a look and see what we can expect to see hitting the streets this month. Nothing feels more in command than a power suit. You look professional, feel in charge, and look fantastic! I feel like I can accomplish anything when I wear mine. This season, women’s suits are back in style. Designers redesigned the signature look and gave a new twist on a modern classic by adding wider belts, rhinestones, and even bringing back the pinstripe. No matter where you’re going or what accessories you choose, it’s time to suit up and take charge of your sense of style. Leopard print is a tricky design in the fashion world. One season it’s in, one season it’s out, but overall, it’s a fun print to work with. Luckily, this season leopard print is back and bigger than ever! Designers unveiled...

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Farewell to St. Luke’s

By Brian Roulston The Parish Church of St.Luke’s, founded in 1822 and stands proudly on the corner of John and Macauley. It is a fair size brick church with three windows and a steeple. To look at it transforms you back to a time when Hamilton didn’t have paved streets or sidewalks and the horse and buggy were the king of the roads. Asphalt sidewalks were only installed a couple years after the original church was built. This led to a problem for many North Enders who wished to go to Sunday Worship at Christ’s Church Cathedral located on...

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The General Hospital Then and Now

by Brian Roulston Nathaniel Hughson was born in Dutchess County, New York. Eventually he moved to New Brunswick then Hamilton where he opened a hotel with a large verandah overlooking the bay on Hamilton’s North End about where the Marina and Harbour Towers stand today with the prospect of a large railway originally called The London & Gore Railroad Co. being built. He was hoping this would bring scores of guests checking into his hotel. However, the railroad did not materialize due to economic troubles at the time and the Rebellions of 1837 & 1838. The Great Western Railway as...

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Arts and Entertainment

by Tracee Lee-Holloway If you find yourself wandering into galleries or shops from time to time, admiring the art, have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch an artist paint a canvas live? When was the last time you actually had the chance to talk with an artist? Well, once a month, here in Hamilton there is Art Battle An event held at The Spice Factory (and subsequent venues in other cities simultaneously across Canada) that hosts a live competition featuring local grassroots artists painting on their canvases while the audience watches and takes in...

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