Month: August 2017

Gone Fishin’

Almost any time you walk around Bayfront Park or Pier 8, you see people fishing, and you notice that quite a few North End convenience stores sell bait. It’s obvious that fishing is a popular activity around here. How long has this being going on and why? Is it just North Enders or do others come here for the fish? Indigenous communities have fished lakes and streams in this region for thousands of years. Then, in the mid 19th century, the workers who settled the North End, supplemented their diet with catch from Hamilton Harbour. This happened all year...

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Planning for Spring?

By Candy Venni I’m going to ask you to use the power of Google to search for images of Double tulip ‘Angelique’ follow it up with a ‘Fritillaria imperialis’ search and close your browser after ‘Allium giganteum’ – now that you can see the incredible diversity available – there’s no excuse for 1970’s style ‘red soldiers’ & ‘Yellow sentinels’ boring tulips, planted en masse all across parks in Canada (when cities had the budget for such extravaganzas) Yes, there was something amazing about the sudden appearance of these long stemmed clones poking up from barren soil but at the...

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Fashion for September 2017

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”- Lauren Hutton. As we cast away our summer wardrobe and embrace the beginning of autumn, our thoughts are with designers who are dutifully preparing themselves for the fall fashion scene. September is a very important month for the fashion world as every week is fashion week in one of the four fashion capitals of the world. Whether your favourite fashion city is Paris or Milan (mine is London) each destination is setting up for the shows that are about to unfold. Let’s have a look at the designs that are about to make their debut on the catwalks. With the chillier weather comes the need for a jacket, but just because your outfit is hidden under your coat doesn’t mean you have to look less stylish! This season, belted coats are all the rage. Belted coats are a great way to stay warm and to hug your figure all at the same time. Plus, a larger belt can also act as a cover for your stomach area and make you look slimmer! Two birds one stone. An outfit without accessories is like French fries without salt; what’s the point? An outfit can be made even more stylish by selecting the right accessories and they add more fun to your look. This season,...

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What is Cohousing and Why You Might Want to Know

By Jocelyn Weatherbe Like many others, I am looking at where I want to live in the “retired” stage of my life. I currently own a house with a rental unit that helps pay the mortgage. But I’m tired of living alone and I’m tired of being a landlord and solely responsible for everything. Where do I want to be? Living in a co-housing situation, an increasingly popular idea, seems to be the ideal solution. You are among friends some old and some new, you will eat better and laugh more. One friend said “You just want to get...

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CNIB – Community Corner

Hello Community Members! A number of blind and partially sighted community members are in need of local assistance. To support this, your local CNIB is recruiting volunteers for our Vision Mate program.  Vision Mate volunteers work with clients that are blind or partially sighted for one-on-one assistance in the community.  Volunteers help clients with activities such as reading, organizing, walking and shopping; outings such as going to the movies, events and even simple things like coffee & conversation. Volunteer hours are flexible, but a commitment of 4 hours a month is expected.  Vision Mate volunteers make a tremendous difference in the lives of individuals who are blind or partially sighted.  Volunteers help bring these often isolated individuals, out of their homes and into the community. Please share this message with your members, and if any of your members are interested in becoming a volunteer, they can contact David Wallis, Program Lead, Peer & Home-based Support at 888-275-5332 ext. 5304 or Thank...

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