Month: June 2017

Elderberries – July 2017

It’s sad to say goodbye upon the loss of our friend. Megs and I first met Annie many moons ago. She had just returned from Bradenran Beach in Florida. Annie loved the beach life and she made many friends. Her daughter, Sandra, was a nurse who was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer. We met Annie at The Welcome Inn. It was winter but there was always a glowing welcome to friends and neighbours. Annie fit us like a glove and so we became the “Terrible Trio” and enjoyed our various activities. Annie loved to bake, had wonderous stories and accolades...

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Who Designs our Cities?

By Donna Reid Spring weather brings people outside – especially to our waterfront, parks, trails, gardens, soccer pitches and pools.   I’m sure you’re aware that public space is created, funded (with taxes) and managed by the city.  It’s part of city planning. And that is led by our civic leaders and implemented by well trained staff and cherished by the people who make use of these resources. Did you ever stop to think about the process a city goes through to create a park, garden or gathering place for its citizens?  How is use determined?  And by what criteria is it evaluated.  Who will use it? As the space ages, does it still work?  As the demographic of a neighbourhood changes does the space evolve too or become redundant? What’s there now and how is it being used? A few weeks ago friends and I viewed Citizen Jane at the Westdale Theatre.  This is a documentary about Jane Jacobs, a woman who effected change in her New York City neighbourhood.    She and fellow residents were galvanized when a city planned and approved freeway would destroy a public park in their Washington Square neighbourhood.  This was a place of recreation and congregation for local families and children.   She and the team of residents – wealthy with energy, creativity, enthusiasm and dedication took on NYC politicians and decision makers.  The “parkway”...

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Canada’s Most Productive Inventor

By Brian Roulston George Johann Klein was relatively unknown in his native Canada until the Canadian Encyclopedia dubbed him as “Canada’s most productive inventor”. He grew up at 12 Caroline Street in Hamilton with his family. Young George would visit his father George Klien’s jewelry store, Klien and Binkley on James St. where he nurtured his natural curiosity of how things where made and worked. His father’s store, very successful both selling jewelry, clocks and watches and repairing watches introduced young George to engineering and micro-engineering, a world of watchmakers. He also developed the artist in himself working with gold and silversmiths who made and repaired the jewelry.  George spent hours tinkering or building something in the basement workshop. He built a one metre fully functional sailboat and played with it on Hamilton Bay. He was also an accomplished violinist in both Hamilton and Ottawa. After graduating from the Hamilton Technical School on Wentworth Street North near Cannon, Klein continued his studies at The University of Toronto where he graduated in 1928 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science. He was invited to join his professor as Director of Mechanical Engineering at the National Research Council, Canada’s agency of Research and Development, in Ottawa where he stayed for 40 years. George was involved in many projects such as designing the NRC’s first wind tunnel. George was also an avid...

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Book Club Corner – Past Reads

by Kit Darling The Book Club members are busy working in their gardens or travelling so here are a few of our past reads, available at Hamilton Public Library. Visit the Bookmobile at Bennetto Recreation Centre on Tuesday from 2:30 to 4:30 and Thursday from 6:00 to 8:00. The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford is set in Seattle during WW2. A young Chinese-American boy, Henry Lee meets Keiko Okabe at the English language school where, as the only Asian students they are the target of racism and bullying. When the government rounds up...

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Walkabout – Seniors Kickoff & Wellness Fair

By Ken Hirter This month’s Walkabout finds me at the 2017 Senior’s Kickoff and Wellness Fair. The city of Hamilton with the Older Adult Network will carry on the tradition of bringing active senior’s together by hosting the 2017 Senior Month Kickoff which is annual event. Date: Monday May 29th 2017 Time: 10am to 2pm Location: Sarcoa Restruant 57 Discovery Drive Hamilton, Ontario. This event will consist of displays from the Hamilton Police Department Senior’s Support Office Crimes Against Senior’s Unit protecting our most vulnerable our Senior’s. This is of one of many displays from safety and social services...

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