Month: June 2017

Mission to Seafarers

Around the world, The Mission to Seafarers provides help and support to the 1.5 million men and women who face danger every day to keep our global economy afloat. We work in over 200 ports in 50 countries caring for seafarers of all ranks, nationalities and beliefs. Through our global network of chaplains, staff and volunteers we offer practical, emotional and spiritual support to seafarers through ship visits, drop-in seafarers’ centres and a range of welfare and emergency support services. With the Marine Industry thriving at the Port of Hamilton, there is no better place to connect with employers who are looking to recruit local talent. If you missed our job fair on June 27th, we still have lots of positions still available. Contacts : The Rev Ronda Ploughman (Chaplain), The Rev Daniel Phannenhour (Chaplain) Janice Brooks (Volunteer Coordinator/Chaplain). Please contact us at 905-312-0000 or mobile 289-684-1698. We can also be reached through our website or on our face book...

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Let’s Go Fishing

By Brian Roulston Ahhh…Summer has finally arrived in Southern Ontario. The kids are out of school. That means it’s time to hang the “Gone Fishing” sign. It’s Fishing Week all across Ontario from July 1st thru July 9th. The Ontario government designates this period to allow Canadian residences 18 to 64 years of age to LEGALLY fish without a fishing licence. All other rules such as limits still apply however. In Ontario, children below the age of 18 can fish without a licence and take home a full limit of fish if they wish. Fishing doesn’t have to be...

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Heart Strings

Heart Strings is an original musical production by director and Playwright Reynold Nathaniel. With lyrics and music by Reynold Nathaniel, Chantal Pike and Hannah Dean. Heart Strings tells the story of corruption, love, drama, repentance and forgiveness. The musical is is set in Ireland 1908, when a young Italian apprentice (Adam Martino), travels to Ireland to deliver a special anniversary gift to Sir William’s (Scott Wilson) luxurious house filled with antiques, mechanical music machines and wind and stringed musical instruments. It is there when he crosses paths with Sir William’s daughter Elizabeth (Jessica Nicole Tomansone), who longs for a...

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Work less on your garden

… it’s better for everyone (except your chiropractor) By Candy Venni The last 10 years have seen gardens trends move from the fussy and high maintenance Victorian style, to the ‘No Mow’ natural look. As much as I fully support our pollinators, I also don’t expect everyone to rip up their grass, toss the boxwoods and ditch every annual. Instead, let’s find a place where both sides can collaborate and move forward while supporting the environment and saving your back muscles. Try this to amend soil; just add manure as required & sweep leaves directly into the perennial beds....

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Fashion for July 2017

“Fashion is about something that comes from within you,”- Ralph Lauren. As the temperatures rise, designers are playing with different ideas for how to stay cool and look even cooler, so the styles are raging. The most popular design is the classic floral dress, but there’s only so many times a floral dress can be re-designed, so designers are staying on their toes to come up with some new ideas and looks to make sure you stay great and stay cool as you strut your stuff on the beach or on a night out. Let’s have a look at...

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