Month: May 2017

Port Authority Update May 2017

  Did you know: More than 2,100 people work on-site at the Port of Hamilton, at 130 companies located on Hamilton’s working waterfront. Port jobs are good jobs, concentrated in the areas of manufacturing, engineering and transportation/warehousing. These jobs tend to be full-time, and pay 20% more than the provincial average. Port employment has grown by 30% in the past eight years, and these employees pump more than $261 million back into the local economy each year through personal spending. To explore jobs available at companies located at the Port of Hamilton, please visit and click ‘Careers’. Events Annual General Meeting – May 4 Hamilton Port Authority will present its financial statements, a review of 2016 results, and a roadmap for the years ahead. Please Join us!  This meeting is open to our Port Partners and the public: Thursday, May 4 @ 4:00pm/Arts & Science Brewery/207 Burlington St. E./ Please RSVP via our website Doors Open Hamilton – May 6-7 We are participating in Doors Open Hamilton this year, May 6-7 at our new maintenance and boat storage facility at 210 Hillyard. We hope you can pop in for a behind-the-scenes look at port operations, including a unique view of Hamilton’s working waterfront and the construction activity at Randle Reef. Marine Industry Job Fair – June 27 Have you ever considered a career in the marine industry? To...

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Michael Antonic – December 1974~February 2017

Michael Antonic Dec 1974 – Feb 2017  Thank You to Our North End Community You are too many to mention by name but you were always there standing shoulder to shoulder beside Michael throughout his journey. – You were there through his surgeries, chemo and radiation cycles. – You worked tirelessly on a very successful fundraiser to help finance Michaels prosthetic leg. – You were always available as a chauffeur or delivery service. – You made sure Michael remained connected via Facebook. – Your offers of love and support were endless. – You came by the hundreds to say goodbye and to share our loss. – You kept us fed and occupied when we felt like we couldn’t go on.  The Northend is a place like no other. Michael was very proud be born and raised in the Northend and the  Northend collectively opened it’s arms and embraced him when he needed it most.  Thank You is not enough. Love you all. Mike, Angela and Marc Antonic...

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Book Club Corner – Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China

by Kit Darling In April we discussed Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China by Jung Chang. This is the story of 3 generations of Chinese women, and ranges from Manchuria during the Sino-Japanese war to Mao’s Cultural Revolution. The grandmother, a beautiful young girl,  has bound feet a traditional practice. She is essentially sold by her father to be a concubine to a General in the Kuomintang Army. After his death she eventually finds love and marries a doctor of traditional medicine. Her daughter becomes a spy for the Communists and eventually joins Mao’s Long March. She and her...

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Donna Reid – Doors Open 2017

Submitted by Donna Reid Donna Reid is the creator / owner of The Hamilton Store on James Street North.   She is passionately optimistic about the city she loves – Hamilton!  Opening the Doors – 15th Edition Spring has sprung and Doors Open season begins! Between April and October this year over 45 events will be held. Hamilton’s 15th happens Saturday May 6 & Sunday May 7. There are thirty-seven sites inviting you inside. This is a free all ages event. You decide which sites and how many you want to visit. Doors Open Hamilton is the signature event of...

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Elderberries May 2017

    A Salute to Mothers By Pam Winter What do we all have in common? We have all had a Mother in our lives. Someone who has cheered us up when we are down and encouraged us to try harder and to be better. Listened to our unhappy stories, helped us suffer teenage problems, everything from acne to falling in and out of love. The wisdom of changing jobs, getting married (incidentally no one was ever good enough for their sons/daughters). Cried at our weddings, celebrated the holidays with us and delighted in grandchildren who got away with more than we were allowed to. Mothers, at times we couldn’t do without them and sometimes they frustrated us no end offering advice or criticism usually justified. Mothers were our best friends, always with time to listen while doing dishes or baking cookies. Mothers budgeted well, were always there to bail us out when we were short a few dollars (don’t tell your Father!) Mothers waited for us to get home from a dance or a late night because they cared what happened to us, and couldn’t sleep ‘til we got home. Mothers sat on the bench at hockey practice, usually at an ungodly hour in the morning and froze. Mothers always had enough extra food so a pal could stay to supper and occasionally were allowed to sleep over. Mothers...

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