Month: May 2017

Local Volunteer finds meaning to life in Greenspace

Submitted by Candy Venni When we moved to Hamilton a mere five years ago, little did I know I’d be able to fulfill one of my personal & professional, lifetime goals; Creating a sustainable, public garden/ parkette. Located at Strachan and Bay; The Sunset Cultural Garden consists of over 3000 square feet of planting beds (thanks to a hard-working group of volunteers). Neighbourhood champions waded through tons of paperwork to get grants for the plants, planters, pathways, as well as gathering private financial donations. I was called upon as a volunteer to draw up the plans, use our landscaping...

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Mother’s Day 2017

It’s Mother’s Day Not Mothers Day. It was in the eyes of Anna M. Reeves Jarvis a day that you would take time from your busy schedule to call, go home, perhaps do something together. Spend time with your mom, show her how much you love her and to thank mom for her unconditional love. It wasn’t to celebrate ALL mothers, just YOUR mother. Anna Jarvis stressed the singular “Mother’s Day” rather than the plural form “Mothers Day”. It was Anne Reeves Jarvis (Anna’s mother) a school teacher and wife of a prominent Methodist minister who started a different...

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Fashion for May 2017

“Shoes transform your body language and attitude. They lift you physically and emotionally.”- Christian Louboutin. With climbing temperatures comes a shift in style. People swap their much-loved jeans in favour of leggings and skirts, sweaters are replaced with tank-tops and sun dresses, and boots are swapped with flip-flops and wedges. Designers are revealing their spring and summer line and people in the fashion industry are itching to see the new looks. So, without further ado, let’s take a peak at the trends you can expect to see hitting the streets this season. Staying active is a great means of...

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A Huge Thank You!

We couldn’t continue to bring you the news of the North End without the support of our donors: Joan & Morley Balinson, Harold Baynham, Lillian Brown & Anna Paris, Alan (Tubby) Bruce, Jim Davies, Mary & Vic Coomer, Kathleen Flood, Edward Gleeson, Hamilton Community Legal Clinic, William MacKinnon, Clarence Maitland, Clayton Mitchell, SIR Administrations, Shoppers Drug Mart, Edna Snelling, Ed Stewart, Larry & Pat Taggart, Joan A. Thompson and Robert & Maty Young. Let’s not forget our Century Club Donors: |Robert Gregson, Patricia Gudlaugson, Stan Obremski, Sheri Selway, TCA/Their & Curran Architects and Anne Tennier. Nevada Pull Tickets are on sale at James Milk. Proceeds go towards the publication of The  North End Breezes monthly edition. Remember to support our supporters. North End Breezes T-Shirts: Well, we’ve depleted our supply of t-shirts and need your opinion. Should we order more? Are you interested? Are there other marketing materials (buttons/postcards) that you would like to see available? These are all excellent ideas to raise funds to help the Breezes. Send your thoughts and ideas to:...

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Ontario Breast Screening Program Now Available

Wellington X-Ray and Ultrasound 1 in 9 Canadians will be diagnosed with breast cancer.  Family history or genetic makeup accounts for approximately 5 to 10% of breast cancer.  90% of breast cancer is linked to other factors, including one’s work and home environment.  The goal of the Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) is to screen as many women as possible to find breast cancer at a very early stage to have a better chance for successful treatment and surviving the disease. Wellington X-Ray and Ultrasound provides x-ray, ultrasound and mammography services in the Hamilton Community Health Centre, which is located at 414 Victoria Avenue North.  Wellington X-Ray was approved to be an OBSP imaging centre in December 2016.  The qualifications for OBSP participation include certification with the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR) and approval from OBSP.  The Radiologists and technical staff must have continuing education in mammography and are required to perform a minimum number of studies annually to maintain their credentials. OBSP is available to a woman who is a resident of Ontario and between 50 to 74 years of age.  Your family physician may advise you to enroll in the program to have the mammogram done.  You may enroll in the programme yourself (no requisition required).  Women who are not eligible for the program are ones that have had breast cancer, breast implants or symptoms such as...

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