Month: May 2017

Things to do in May

This is our new section to help you discover fun things to do, share your stories and let us know what’s happening in the North End for family fun. LEARNING & FUN AFTER SCHOOL! Is your child in grade 1-4 and looking for something to do afterschool? If they love playing games, need help with their homework, learning about financial literacy and connecting with friends then LAF is for you! Our Learning and Fun program has spaces available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:00-5:00pm for children in grades 1-4! Please call Tom Wittreich, the Children’s Programs Coordinator at...

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Talking Taxes

Tax talk is timely.  Particularly now.  Many readers will have just filed or maybe just missed the May 1st deadline for federal and provincial tax returns.  Just about everyone has an opinion on taxes, right? Take President Donald Trump. On paying taxes Donald apparently doesn’t.  “That makes me smart,” he said during a debate last year. Others have funny ideas about tax avoidance.  “Dear IRS, I am writing to cancel my subscription.  Please remove my name from your mailing list.” (Snoopy – aka Charles Schulz) I’m partial to Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.’s adage, “I like to pay taxes. With them, I buy civilization.”  In that context, most of us look for fairness in our tax systems.  What exactly “fairness” is the subject of debate.  Indicators, though, should include simplicity, ability to pay and transparency. That said, multi-residential property taxation in Hamilton fails the fairness test. Today, there is a greater awareness by tenants that they pay taxes through their rent.   Ten years ago, the Clinic and community partners reached out through the I am a Tenant and I Vote Campaign to bring this reality to public attention. At the time, tenant advocate Tom Cooper noted that many tenants were unaware that they were, in fact, paying much higher taxes than those in single family homes. Writing in Raise the Hammer (, Cooper used real property to property comparisons. Tenant...

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Local Volunteer finds meaning to life in Greenspace

Submitted by Candy Venni When we moved to Hamilton a mere five years ago, little did I know I’d be able to fulfill one of my personal & professional, lifetime goals; Creating a sustainable, public garden/ parkette. Located at Strachan and Bay; The Sunset Cultural Garden consists of over 3000 square feet of planting beds (thanks to a hard-working group of volunteers). Neighbourhood champions waded through tons of paperwork to get grants for the plants, planters, pathways, as well as gathering private financial donations. I was called upon as a volunteer to draw up the plans, use our landscaping...

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Mother’s Day 2017

It’s Mother’s Day Not Mothers Day. It was in the eyes of Anna M. Reeves Jarvis a day that you would take time from your busy schedule to call, go home, perhaps do something together. Spend time with your mom, show her how much you love her and to thank mom for her unconditional love. It wasn’t to celebrate ALL mothers, just YOUR mother. Anna Jarvis stressed the singular “Mother’s Day” rather than the plural form “Mothers Day”. It was Anne Reeves Jarvis (Anna’s mother) a school teacher and wife of a prominent Methodist minister who started a different...

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The Festival of Maria Del Monte

The festival of Maria Del Monte is in its 29th year. This year’s festival is being celebrated the weekend of June 23, 24, and 25.  The central location is Our Lady of All Souls and St. Mary’s School parking lots.  This is located on the corner of MacNab and Colbourne Street.  This festival has significant history in Hamilton and the first celebration occurred in Hamilton circa 1930’s.  The festival objective is to bring together all people from our community, Hamilton and surrounding areas. The Maria SS. Del Monte is a figure of devotion of the twinning the cities and...

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