Month: April 2017


On June 3rd, 2017, we are planning to get as many North End residents as we can together for a second attempt at our North End Group photograph! As many of you already know, the North End fosters a sense of community that is not found in other neighborhoods.   Many of our residents have been here for more than fifty years! We would like to take this opportunity to bring everyone together as one, to capture the “North End” in all of us.   If you live in the North End, or you grew up here and still consider...

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The Public Record on Two North End Motions

By Councillor Farr Hello, Breezes readers and special thanks to the new management at the North End Breezes for the opportunity to share with you two recent motions that appeared before Council. They relate to the future low density residential property ‎(as per your Ontario Municipal Board ((OMB)) approved Setting Sail; Secondary Plan) at Bay Street and Strachan Street and a public meeting respecting Eastwood Arena/Park requesting your thoughts on the potential for the north west portion of Eastwood Park. The first motion seeks to put into action the secondary plan plan for ‎low density residential development at Bay...

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Daily School Ride – Helping Students Get Active in a Fun Way

Submitted by: Dave Stevens Getting daily exercise has many positive benefits for a child’s mental and physical health. Creating a lifelong habit of daily cycling can be a fun way to create a healthy habit at a young age. If you live in Hamilton’s North End, you may have seen an innovative new program that’s meeting these goals and helping students get active in a fun way. That program? The Daily School Ride (DSR). The DSR is an active transportation system that launched at its first school, Bennetto Elementary in the fall of 2016. The DSR is organized and managed by Bike for Mike and New Hope Community Bikes. Both of these organizations work to promote safe and accessible cycling to Hamilton students. The main goal of the DSR is to encourage and support 100% of students living within cycling distance to bike to school daily. A broader goal of the program is to encourage and support collaboration between students and their local community to create and advocate for a safe environment for cycling. Students are encouraged to sign up to take part in the DSR program with their parent’s permission. Once they are formally registered, each take part in certified cycle training conducted by New Hope Community Bikes. When students are “ride ready” they are trained to use the Ride Along group ride format. The Ride Along allows...

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Think Like a Squirrel

by Candy Venni Its taken years of thought and observation, thinking like a squirrel…to impart this knowledge so perk up your ears, put on your gloves and get yourself ready. Spring is a sproingin’ and you’ll want to toss the crispy Christmas décor (if, like me you haven’t already done so)  Time to refresh your porch urns, your containers and pots. Pansies & pussy Willow will soon be seen across the city but don’t forget perennials can add foliage interest which will withstand a few temperature drops.  Remember that those fluffy tailed varmints, called ‘squirrels’ for short, can’t resist...

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Let’s Celebrate Our Diversity

Submitted by: Frank Soberg The new 2016 census has arrived just before we celebrate Canada Day. Canada is a country of 35,11,728 people. It is projected to take in 300,000 immigrants this year. Compared to the United States we take in .85 percent of our population versus the .30 percent the United States takes in. A good example of Canada’s ongoing engagement is our response to the Syrian refugee crisis. Prime Minister Trudeau received international praise at the United Nations General Assembly in September. We have resettled over 40,000 Syrian refugees in Canada. Many have been privately sponsored by...

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