Month: March 2017

Loving Your City!

“Welcome” is a word I seem to use every day in my shop.   And I say it with a smile because I am happy that so many people are choosing Hamilton as their home.  Sometimes it’s “welcome to Hamilton” or “welcome to downtown” –  new residents to our neighbourhood are coming from near and far. Hamilton is a welcoming city but for individuals new here is may be challenging to get involved or feel part of a new community.   It is especially difficult for a trailing spouse or partner who may have no prior connection to the city but...

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NHCHC Grub Club Begins 2017 Growing Season Early in Community Greenhouse

For the first time participants of North Hamilton Community Health Centre’s Grub Club program will begin growing in the newly opened Community Greenhouse. A six-week program will see a group of experienced Grub Club participants begin to specialize their gardening skills in exciting new ways! Much like the traditional Grub Club initiative, children will have the opportunity to grow, and cook with, fresh organic vegetables on a weekly basis. The savvy young gardeners will take on an important role in the Grub Club program preparation process as they will be starting the seedlings to be used for the upcoming...

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Indoor Plant Tips

Submitted by Candy Venni Landscape Designer Venni Gardens Winter feels like it could soon be behind us, hope is starting to show and optimism is palpable. I am happily collecting the daylight minutes, noticing longer days and staring at patches where snow has melted off the garden soil. (Yay!) However, since we’re likely stuck indoors for a month or more I thought I’d share a few tips for houseplants. Tips I’ve gleaned partially from experience, but mostly from my library of gardening books. Now, let’s get something straight – I’m no ‘houseplant expert’ — I do have a husband that consistently brings home stray orchids (on sale… no blooms…at all), fragrant exotics (they want full tropical sun…its winter and we’re inside), and ‘interesting’ foliage plants, (poisonous, spiny, non-flowering) I try not to feel guilty when I kill a plant; I reverently place the hapless victim gently in the compost and silently thank it for trying to survive despite my feeble and sometimes criminal neglect. Needless to say, I really am an ‘outdoor’ & ‘tough love’ plant kind of person, but for the house plants I have had success with (or perhaps they with me) here are my tips: Pests – Ed Lawrence of CBC recommends this recipe for infestations of Aphids, Whitefly, and Spider Mites: 40 parts water: 1 part liquid soap – usually dish soap This is messy...

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Fashion for March 2017

“You either know fashion, or you don’t,”-Anna Wintour. As seasons change, so do the clothes in our closets. Spring is in the air, and designers all over the globe are launching their new spring looks and making us ready to toss our coats and boots in exchange for sweaters and heels. Fashion Week shows have begun and designers are working overtime to get their latest looks ready to hit the streets. Let’s have a look at what designers have launched this spring season. Throughout history, fashion has been used as a way of making a statement. As long as there have been clothes, they have been used as a way of bringing awareness to politics, climate change, and socio-economical problems. This season, designers are making our voices heard by making activism chic. No matter what you stand for, more and more clothing companies are releasing various clothing items that display some words of encouragement and activism. In these troubling times, the world could use a little help from the bold. Cinderella was proof that a good pair of shoes can change your life. The right pair of shoes can give you the confidence to take on the whole world singlehandedly. To kick off (pun intended) spring, wrap around shoes are all the rage. Wrap around shoes can be paired with anything can be worn at almost any occasion. No...

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Book Club Corner – March 2017

by Kit Darling In February we discussed Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness by Susannah Cahalan. A memoir of her rapid descent from being a young reporter on the New York Post to convulsions, delusions and near catatonia and the struggle to get a diagnosis and treatment. A relatively unknown disorder, caused by the immune system attacking the brain was finally treated after multiple tests and the fortuitous meeting with a doctor who recognized the probable cause. Discussion ranged from the medical establishment, the effect of her journalism background on her writing and the fact that her brain...

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