Month: January 2017

Book Club Corner – A Lesson Before Dying

by Kit Darling In the last issue we gave you a summary of our December book Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong by James W. Loewen. The book discusses the historical bias, errors and downright untruths (according to the author) on commemorative plaques, monuments and local legends. Not everyone liked the book but there was lots of discussion. We learned that there is at least one historical plaque right here in Hamilton about the War of 1812 and the escape by the British navy into Burlington Bay. This was an impossible due to the shallow, narrow...

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Volunteer Board Member for the Breezes

North End Breezes newspaper is looking for a volunteer Board Member with the following skills: * A passion for and understanding of the North End * Knowledge of marketing and social media * Skilled in web site management * Interest in and knowledge of fundraising events/activities * Experience in layout and design to assist with the production of the newspaper This is a very broad description of the needs of The North End Breezes. Please let us know if you have any of these skills or experience. Please contact us at 905-523-6611 ext # 3004 or email your resumee to...

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Ground Hog Day

Canadians celebrate Groundhog Day February 2 each year.  It is based on the idea of a groundhog coming out of its home to ‘predict’ if spring is on its way.    It is celebrated with festivals, dances, contests, parades and pancake breakfasts. Although not a public holiday in Canada, in many areas such as Wiarton, in Bruce County ON, streets can get congested as people flock to see what Wiarton Willie, the towns own groundhog, will predict about the coming of spring. In the distant past, people in some areas of Europe believed badgers had the power to predict the...

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Tell Us About Your Business!

Will your business be featured in this spot next month? The Entrepreneurs Corner is a great way to get your business known in the North End Community. Submit your profile for consideration today! You could be featured in next month’s edition of the North End Breezes and/or on the website. Entrepreneurs...

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Our HMCS Haida

The last survivor of the twenty seven Tribal class destroyers of the Royal Canadian Navy was moved into dry dock in September. It was built in England in 1943, and sank nine German ships in four months, during WWII. Thirteen of these destroyers were lost during the War. Her last mission in WWII was the liberation of Norway, in 1945. A brave history for a wonderful ship! We are glad she was moved into dry-dock at Heddle Marine Service Inc for rehabilitation on September 16th, which is part of the effort to protect our historical sites, and assist us in remembering those who served and those who were lost at sea. As she undergoes repairs to her hull, the plan is to stop moisture seepage and rusting with the idea of preserving the HMCS Haida for future generations. Preserving the HMCS Haida gives us and our children a chance to learn and to understand the rich heritage of our country, when we joined with our countries around the world, fighting to preserve freedom. Being on board her, one can get a feeling for what it might have been like for our young men to face the dangers of war and serve shoulder to shoulder with one another in some of the most dramatic water battles Canada has ever faced. The HMCS Haida, Canada’s most famous warship, weighs 2,745 tons...

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